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Rainfall Summary

| 7:56 am April 19, 2014

Here is a summary of the rainfall from a variety of reporting stations for the last 48 hours as prepared by the National Weather Service in Birmingham. As you can see from the observed totals, there was a pretty steep gradient in rainfall amounts from Jefferson County southeastward toward Dothan with Barbour County coming in with totals approaching 5 inches.


NOUS44 KBMX 191205

704 AM CDT SAT APR 19 2014


LOCATION                       AMOUNT    TIME/DATE       LAT/LON

2 NE PRATTVILLE                2.17 IN   0647 AM 04/19   32.49N/86.42W
2 SE PRATTVILLE                1.63 IN   0655 AM 04/19   32.44N/86.43W
1 NNW PRATTVILLE               1.47 IN   0643 AM 04/19   32.48N/86.45W

CLAYTON                        4.66 IN   0600 AM 04/19   31.88N/85.48W
WEEDON FIELD AIRPORT           3.84 IN   0658 AM 04/19   31.95N/85.13W
7 SSW FLORENCE MARINA STATE PA 3.84 IN   0640 AM 04/19   32.01N/85.09W

WEST BLOCTON                   0.77 IN   0700 AM 04/19   33.12N/87.13W
1 ESE BRENT                    0.65 IN   0648 AM 04/19   32.94N/87.16W
6 SW CENTREVILLE               0.61 IN   0600 AM 04/19   32.87N/87.24W
1 NNE BRENT                    0.59 IN   0626 AM 04/19   32.96N/87.17W

7 WSW UNION SPRINGS            2.12 IN   0641 AM 04/19   32.10N/85.83W

ANNISTON ARPT ASOS             0.69 IN   0653 AM 04/19   33.59N/85.86W
1 ENE BYNUM                    0.56 IN   0642 AM 04/19   33.62N/85.94W
2 E FORT MCCLELLAN             0.45 IN   0646 AM 04/19   33.72N/85.76W

4 NE THORSBY                   0.59 IN   0641 AM 04/19   32.96N/86.67W

3 NE LINEVILLE                 1.00 IN   0653 AM 04/19   33.35N/85.72W
2 ENE ASHLAND                  0.96 IN   0631 AM 04/19   33.28N/85.80W

2 W HEFLIN                     0.58 IN   0614 AM 04/19   33.65N/85.63W

SELMA                          0.58 IN   0530 AM 04/19   32.41N/87.02W

2 S TALLASSEE                  2.02 IN   0644 AM 04/19   32.50N/85.89W

1 WSW LEEDS                    0.87 IN   0655 AM 04/19   33.54N/86.57W
2 NE HOOVER                    0.63 IN   0651 AM 04/19   33.40N/86.80W
VESTAVIA HILLS                 0.41 IN   0647 AM 04/19   33.43N/86.78W
1 WNW HUEYTOWN                 0.22 IN   0630 AM 04/19   33.45N/87.02W
BIRMINGHAM ARPT ASOS           0.20 IN   0653 AM 04/19   33.57N/86.75W
1 NW TRUSSVILLE                0.18 IN   0647 AM 04/19   33.65N/86.62W
3 NE FAIRFIELD                 0.15 IN   0615 AM 04/19   33.52N/86.88W
4 NNE PINSON-CLAY-CHALKV       0.13 IN   0654 AM 04/19   33.74N/86.64W

6 WNW VERNON                   0.02 IN   0650 AM 04/19   33.79N/88.21W

12 SE AUBURN                   2.98 IN   0500 AM 04/19   32.45N/85.37W
AUBURN                         2.51 IN   0655 AM 04/19   32.62N/85.43W
3 NNE AUBURN                   2.01 IN   0646 AM 04/19   32.63N/85.47W
2 NW OPELIKA                   1.80 IN   0650 AM 04/19   32.68N/85.40W

9 ESE NOTASULGA                2.22 IN   0626 AM 04/19   32.48N/85.56W

DEMOPOLIS                      0.20 IN   0652 AM 04/19   32.52N/87.84W

6 SW MONTGOMERY                1.99 IN   0800 PM 04/18   32.26N/86.22W
MONTGOMERY DANNELLY FIELD      1.94 IN   0653 AM 04/19   32.30N/86.41W
5 E MONTGOMERY                 1.93 IN   0653 AM 04/19   32.35N/86.19W

9 WNW MAPLESVILLE              0.74 IN   0641 AM 04/19   32.83N/87.04W

TROY MUNICIPAL APT             1.85 IN   0653 AM 04/19   31.78N/85.95W

2 E ROANOKE                    1.68 IN   0646 AM 04/19   33.14N/85.33W

HURTSBORO                      2.84 IN   0645 AM 04/19   32.24N/85.42W

SHELBY COUNTY AIRPORT          1.18 IN   0653 AM 04/19   33.18N/86.78W
1 SE HELENA                    0.86 IN   0653 AM 04/19   33.27N/86.83W
1 WNW HELENA                   0.79 IN   0655 AM 04/19   33.30N/86.87W
1 S HELENA                     0.72 IN   0655 AM 04/19   33.27N/86.86W
3 N CHELSEA                    0.69 IN   0652 AM 04/19   33.37N/86.64W

...ST. CLAIR...
2 SSW MARGARET                 0.22 IN   0558 AM 04/19   33.66N/86.49W

1 SSW LIVINGSTON               0.26 IN   0530 AM 04/19   32.57N/88.19W

1 ENE TALLADEGA                0.79 IN   0626 AM 04/19   33.44N/86.08W

8 NE VANCE                     0.30 IN   0650 AM 04/19   33.27N/87.16W
OLIVER LOCK AND DAM            0.20 IN   0400 AM 04/19   33.21N/87.59W
TUSCALOOSA REGIONAL AIRPORT    0.20 IN   0653 AM 04/19   33.22N/87.61W
2 NE HOLT                      0.20 IN   0600 AM 04/19   33.25N/87.45W
12 S BERRY                     0.12 IN   0530 AM 04/19   33.48N/87.60W
14 N BROOKWOOD                 0.12 IN   0530 AM 04/19   33.46N/87.35W

2 ENE JASPER                   0.04 IN   0655 AM 04/19   33.86N/87.24W




Not Your Typical Spring

| 7:38 am April 19, 2014

An all new edition of the ABC 33/40 Weather Xtreme video is available in the player on the right sidebar of the blog. You can subscribe to the Weather Xtreme video on iTunes by clicking here.

The overall weather pattern continues to be an active one, but I sure would not classify this month as your typical April! The high temperature at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport yesterday barely made it out of the 50s with a 61 which is 14 degrees below our seasonal average for this date. The low for the day was only 1 degree above, so we saw very little diurnal change in the temperature. Plus we got a bit more rain bringing us to a total which is nearly 4 inches above the 30-year average rainfall for the month – with 11 days still left to go.

The surface low along with the upper level cold core low which brought us the soaking rain yesterday continues to bring rain to much of the eastern half of Alabama this morning. Both lows should continue to push eastward, so we should see a slow decrease in the light rain which is now falling over areas generally east of Interstate 65. Temperatures will be problematic with lower 70s possible from Birmingham westward while areas east of Birmingham could remain shrouded in clouds holding temperatures in the 60s.

Surface high pressure will fill in behind the surface and upper lows on Sunday bringing us a beautiful Easter Sunday. We’ll see a few late morning and afternoon clouds, but the sunshine will feel good with temperatures climbing into the middle 70s for most of us.

Monday will be a transitional day with clouds on the increase ahead of the next upper trough and surface cold front. The front should pass through Central Alabama on Tuesday bringing us the next good chance of showers. The afternoon highs should reach the upper 70s. The front should move through briskly as the upper trough moves quickly off the East Coast and we come under ridging aloft for Wednesday and Thursday. Yet another strong upper trough approaches Alabama on Thursday and Friday bringing another cold front into the picture. Timing of this system seems to befuddle the models as the GFS has continued to oscillate back and forth between Friday and Saturday on the frontal passage and attendant rain chances. The GFS is also more aggressive with the rain chances and the amounts than the European, so the forecast remains somewhat fluid at the moment. But whether it is Friday or Saturday, it looks like we’ll have a reasonably good chance at some showers before clearing out for next Sunday. Temperatures appear to be seasonal with highs in the upper 70s and morning lows mainly in the 50s.

Looking into voodoo country, I’d describe the model solutions as complex. Another shot at rain comes around the 29th and then the GFS goes off the scale with a huge Omega block ridge situated along the Mississippi River. The ridge is so strong it does seem exaggerated, so my confidence in the solution is pretty low. The Omega ridge pattern evolves by May 4th with a trough undercutting the huge ridge. Definitely a stay tuned on this one situation.

And you can follow news and weather updates from ABC 33/40 on Twitter here. Stay in the know by following the whole gang – here’s the list…

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E-Warn (AL wx watches/warnings)

I’ll be handling the weekend weather duties on ABC 3340 this weekend, so be sure to check in with our 10 pm newscast tonight for the latest forecast on your weather. The 10 pm newscast will actually come a little late due to special programming on ABC. I expect to have the next Weather Xtreme Video posted first thing on Easter morning. Godspeed.


A Wet April – So Far

| 9:06 am April 15, 2014

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone in Central Alabama that April has been wet. So just how wet has it been? Seems like a fair question considering we are tipping over the mid point of the month which also happens to be the dreaded tax filing day! So, while some are rushing to get their tax figures figured, how does April shape up on rainfall?

Here is a table showing the rainfall through April 14th from the primary observing sites in North and Central Alabama, the ranking of that rainfall for 2014, and the record rainfall and year of that record. All of this data comes from published reports and databases from the National Weather Service in Birmingham.

Since we are at the halfway point in the month, if the second half of the month is as rainy as the first half, we will likely see most observing sites reaching values putting April, 2014, into the top 15 of our all time wettest Aprils.

City Rainfall Ranking Record/Year
Birmingham 6.20″ 30th 13.75″/1979
Tuscaloosa 6.22″ 16th 14.41″/1979
Anniston 5.13″ 20th 17.30″/1979
Calera 6.31″ Unknown Unknown
Montgomery 5.84″ 33rd 15.94″/1912
Muscle Shoals 3.19″ 39th 12.81″/1983
Huntsville 3.77″ 30th 14.00″/1911
Troy 6.67″ Unknown Unknown

The next few days are expected to be dry, but some limited showers are forecast to return around Friday.


Storm Totals in Latest Rain

| 8:36 am April 15, 2014

Below is a compilation of rainfall reports made by the National Weather Service office in Birmingham for the latest rain event. Rainfall totals varied from as little as 1 inch to just over 3 inches. The majority of the reporting stations fell in the range of 1.50″ to 2.25″. The resultant runoff has pushed some rivers and streams back above flood stage with flood warnings currently posted on portions of the Tombigbee River, the Alabama River, and the Black Warrior River.

On top of the rain, we have some late season cold air to deal with, too. Temperatures today will feel more like January with readings holding in the 40s with a stiff north to northwest wind. By Wednesday morning, temperature values are likely to fall below freezing generally along and north of the Interstate 20 corridor and into the lower and middle 30s from the I-20 corridor southward into South Alabama. Consider taking protective action for any plants and vegetation that could be adversely affected by freezing temperatures.


NOUS44 KBMX 151306

805 AM CDT TUE APR 15 2014


LOCATION                       AMOUNT    TIME/DATE       LAT/LON

2 NE PRATTVILLE                1.99 IN   0747 AM 04/15   32.49N/86.42W
1 NNW PRATTVILLE               1.32 IN   0743 AM 04/15   32.48N/86.45W
2 SE PRATTVILLE                1.27 IN   0755 AM 04/15   32.44N/86.43W

CLAYTON                        1.21 IN   0600 AM 04/15   31.88N/85.48W
7 SSW FLORENCE MARINA STATE PA 1.13 IN   0752 AM 04/15   32.01N/85.09W

6 SW CENTREVILLE               1.81 IN   0600 AM 04/15   32.87N/87.24W
1 NNE BRENT                    1.61 IN   0726 AM 04/15   32.96N/87.17W

7 WSW UNION SPRINGS            1.69 IN   0747 AM 04/15   32.10N/85.83W

1 ENE BYNUM                    1.96 IN   0746 AM 04/15   33.62N/85.94W
2 E FORT MCCLELLAN             1.61 IN   0746 AM 04/15   33.72N/85.76W
ANNISTON ARPT ASOS             1.49 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.59N/85.86W
JACKSONVILLE ST UNIV           1.15 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.83N/85.76W

FIVE POINTS                    1.19 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.02N/85.35W

WEISS DAM POWER HOUSE          0.80 IN   0700 AM 04/15   34.13N/85.80W

4 NE THORSBY                   1.90 IN   0744 AM 04/15   32.96N/86.67W

2 ENE ASHLAND                  3.11 IN   0731 AM 04/15   33.28N/85.80W
3 NE LINEVILLE                 2.41 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.35N/85.72W

2 W HEFLIN                     1.28 IN   0714 AM 04/15   33.65N/85.63W

SELMA                          1.26 IN   0600 AM 04/15   32.41N/87.02W

2 S TALLASSEE                  2.00 IN   0536 AM 04/15   32.50N/85.89W

SARDIS CITY                    0.99 IN   0754 AM 04/15   34.17N/86.11W

3 S BERRY                      1.89 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.62N/87.61W

GAINESVILLE                    2.45 IN   0500 AM 04/15   32.83N/88.13W

WARRIOR LOCK AND DAM           2.10 IN   0530 AM 04/15   32.77N/87.83W

1 WSW LEEDS                    2.79 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.54N/86.57W
3 NE FAIRFIELD                 2.32 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.52N/86.88W
CITY SEWAGE PLT                1.86 IN   1200 AM 04/15   33.39N/87.01W
4 NW ARGO                      1.65 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.72N/86.56W
BIRMINGHAM ARPT ASOS           1.64 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.57N/86.75W
VESTAVIA HILLS                 1.58 IN   0751 AM 04/15   33.43N/86.78W
1 NW TRUSSVILLE                1.53 IN   0752 AM 04/15   33.65N/86.62W
2 NE HOOVER                    1.50 IN   0756 AM 04/15   33.40N/86.80W
4 NNE PINSON                   1.38 IN   0744 AM 04/15   33.74N/86.64W

6 WNW VERNON                   2.19 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.79N/88.21W
5 W MILLPORT                   1.75 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.55N/88.17W

AUBURN                         1.73 IN   0655 AM 04/15   32.62N/85.43W
3 NNE AUBURN                   1.44 IN   0752 AM 04/15   32.63N/85.47W
2 NW OPELIKA                   1.35 IN   0755 AM 04/15   32.68N/85.40W

9 ESE NOTASULGA                2.06 IN   0726 AM 04/15   32.48N/85.56W

LOCK AND DAM                   2.20 IN   0600 AM 04/15   32.52N/87.88W
DEMOPOLIS                      2.20 IN   0753 AM 04/15   32.52N/87.84W

3 S HAMILTON                   2.12 IN   0700 AM 04/15   34.10N/87.99W

5 E MONTGOMERY                 1.81 IN   0756 AM 04/15   32.35N/86.19W
MONTGOMERY DANNELLY FIELD      1.55 IN   0653 AM 04/15   32.30N/86.41W
7 WSW SHORTER                  1.36 IN   0751 AM 04/15   32.37N/86.06W
6 SW MONTGOMERY                1.18 IN   0800 PM 04/14   32.26N/86.22W

9 WNW MAPLESVILLE              1.45 IN   0741 AM 04/15   32.83N/87.04W

ALICEVILLE LOCK AND DAM        3.49 IN   0500 AM 04/15   33.21N/88.29W

TROY MUNICIPAL APT             1.43 IN   0653 AM 04/15   31.78N/85.95W

R.L. HARRIS DAM                2.06 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.25N/85.62W
WADLEY NR 2                    1.24 IN   0530 AM 04/15   33.13N/85.58W

HURTSBORO                      1.05 IN   0749 AM 04/15   32.24N/85.42W

SHELBY COUNTY AIRPORT          1.98 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.18N/86.78W
3 SE PELHAM                    1.86 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.76W
2 SSW PELHAM                   1.70 IN   0716 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.81W
1 SE HELENA                    1.67 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.83W
1 SW MEADOWBROOK               1.66 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.39N/86.71W
1 WNW HELENA                   1.58 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.30N/86.87W
3 N CHELSEA                    1.58 IN   0752 AM 04/15   33.37N/86.64W
1 S HELENA                     1.34 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.86W

...ST. CLAIR...
LOGAN MARTIN DAM               1.52 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.43N/86.33W
2 SSW MARGARET                 1.33 IN   0728 AM 04/15   33.66N/86.49W
2 E MARGARET                   1.31 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.69N/86.44W

1 SSW LIVINGSTON               2.81 IN   0630 AM 04/15   32.57N/88.19W

WATER PLANT                    2.40 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.21N/86.21W
1 ENE TALLADEGA                1.66 IN   0726 AM 04/15   33.44N/86.08W

12 S BERRY                     2.39 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.48N/87.60W
OLIVER LOCK AND DAM            2.23 IN   0400 AM 04/15   33.21N/87.59W
11 SSE HOLT                    2.20 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.08N/87.40W
TUSCALOOSA REGIONAL AIRPORT    2.15 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.22N/87.61W
5 W NORTHPORT                  2.06 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.24N/87.69W
2 NE HOLT                      1.82 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.25N/87.45W
8 NE VANCE                     1.62 IN   0750 AM 04/15   33.27N/87.16W
14 N BROOKWOOD                 1.18 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.46N/87.35W

2 ENE JASPER                   1.46 IN   0754 AM 04/15   33.86N/87.24W

ADDISON                        1.50 IN   0630 AM 04/15   34.20N/87.18W
3 NNE HALEYVILLE               1.29 IN   0656 AM 04/15   34.28N/87.60W




WeatherBrains 429: Not a Cheerwine Virgin

| 5:15 am April 15, 2014

WeatherBrains Episode 429 is now online (April 14, 2014). If you are crazy about weather, this is THE netcast audio program for you!

Doug HilderbrandTonight’s Guest WeatherBrain is Doug Hilderbrande, the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador initiative lead at National Weather Service Headquarters within the Director’s office. He has been at the National Weather Service for 12 years now, starting at NCEP’s Weather Prediction Center, then moving on to the Office of Science and Technology and a 2-year stint as the NOAA Policy Adviser for weather and satellites. He has a Bachelors Degree from Bucknell University in Central Pennsylvania, a masters in geology from University of South Florida, and a masters in meteorology from North Carolina State University.

Todd FoisyTonight’s Guest Panelist, Todd Foisy, is a repeat performer and a friend of the podcast. He is a WeatherBrains alum having appeared as the guest panelist on show 204 on December 21, 2009, and as the Guest Weatherbrain on Show 346 in December, 2012. He is the Science and Operations Officer, or SOO, from the National Weather Service in Caribou, ME. He joins us from his home in northern Maine.

Other discussions in this weekly podcast include topics like:

  • Extremes: 100 at Death Valley, CA, and -7 at Lake Yellowstone, WY
  • Severe thunderstorm watches in effect this evening for Gulf Coast area
  • Severe weather risk shifts to Southeast US coast on Tuesday
  • Cold air once again invading the eastern US
  • and more!
  • Our email bag officer finally makes a show so perhaps she’ll catch up on the incoming messages from our listeners.

    From The Weather Center:

    WeatherBrains 101: In honor of the fact that three of the WeatherBrains crew were at the 2014 National Tropical Weather Conference this past week, this episode of 101 takes a brief look at the naming of hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin as well as the names we’ll see on the advisories and statements issued during the upcoming season.

    TWIWH: Bill Murray looks back at the week of April 14th.

    Listener SurveyListener Surveys: Okay, we continue to drive this topic into the ground, but we really do like to hear from you. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the Listener Survey. The survey takes just a minute or two to complete and provides us with an opportunity to learn where you are and hear your thoughts and comments on the show. Click here to take the survey.

    Web Sites from Episode 429:

    Weather-Ready Nation


    Picks of the Week:

    Todd Foisy – Enhanced Weather Display

    Doug Hildebrand – Living on the real world

    Nate Johnson – Colorado State seasonal hurricane forecast

    Bill Murray – book called Infinite Monster

    Brian Peters – National Tropical Weather Conference

    James Spann – College of DuPage Weather Lab

    Aubrey Urbanowicz – Virtual Telescope

    The WeatherBrains crew includes your host, James Spann, plus other notable geeks like Nate Johnson, Bill Murray, Aubrey Urbanowicz, and Brian Peters. They bring together a wealth of weather knowledge and experience for another fascinating netcast about weather. graphic

    Weather Radio Programming – Tuscaloosa

    | 9:15 am April 14, 2014

    The ABC 3340 Weather Team will be helping folks program their weather radios this coming Wednesday at the Academy Sports store in Tuscaloosa from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. If you have a weather radio – or need to purchase a new weather radio – and you want to be sure it is programmed correctly, we can help. Just bring it by Academy Sports this coming Wednesday, and ABC 3340 folks will be there to make sure you are ready for whatever Spring 2014 throws at us.


    As an added bonus, you can see James Spann live doing the weather from there or see the our new full-sized cardboard cut out of him!

    Tuscaloosa not convenient? We’ll also be making stops in Bessemer at Publix on April 23, Pell City at Publix on April 30, Gadsden at Academy Sports on May 7, and Hoover at Publix on May 14.

    Hope to see you there.


    Jackson NWS Adds to Flash Flood Watches

    | 3:18 pm April 13, 2014

    As Bill noted below, the NWS in Birmingham has issued a flash flood watch in effect from Monday morning (7:00 am CDT) through Tuesday midday (1:00 pm CDT) for all of Central Alabama. Just a short time ago, the NWS in Jackson, MS, has added their own flash flood watch which extends further west into Central Mississippi as you can see from the map below.


    Besides the severe weather threat, the threat of heavy rain could produce two problems for us. The first is rapid flooding due to the heavy rain. The second is resulting rise in streams and creeks and rivers from what could be a widespread 1 to 3 inch rain total for the storm.

    Be sure to stay up with the latest weather information by bookmarking the Alabama Weather Blog.


    Nice Sunday but Stormy Monday

    | 4:49 am April 13, 2014

    No Weather Xtreme Video this morning due to travel from South Padre Island, TX, back to Helena, AL. James Spann should have the next video first thing on Monday morning.

    Not a great deal of change to the forecast thinking from yesterday. Looks like a very nice Sunday for Central Alabama with clouds increasing later today but temperatures climbing into the lower 80s for highs.

    Monday will be a stormy day with the potential of two serious issues – severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. SPC has outlooked an area for the standard slight risk of severe storms across the Southeast US that covers all of Alabama. All modes of severe weather will be possible including a few tornadoes. In addition to the severe weather threat, rain could be heavy at times which will bring streams that are going down from the last big rainfall up again quickly. Flash flooding will also be an issue in areas experiencing the heaviest rainfall. Widespread rain of 1 to 2 inches is likely with 2 to 3 inches possible in some locations.

    Day 2 Outlook for Monday

    Day 2 Outlook for Monday

    The front and the upper trough should move by Tuesday morning paving the way for improving weather by Tuesday afternoon as lots of people get their income taxes filed. The front should usher in drier but much colder air into the Southeast. Patchy frost will be possible on Wednesday morning as morning lows dip into the middle 30s. Sunshine Wednesday should bring afternoon highs back into the middle 60s.

    Thursday will be a nice day as clouds once again begin to increase ahead of yet another weather system and temperatures recover. Morning lows should fall back only into the 40s with the afternoon high approaching 70.