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Freeze Warning Tonight

| 12:45 pm April 15, 2014

Here comes the late season freeze. A very cold night is ahead, as all of Alabama will fall into the the 30s tonight, and that includes areas along the Gulf Coast. Across much of Central Alabama, most locations will go below freezing, and several areas will drop into the 20s.  For this reason, the National Weather Service has placed nearly all of Alabama under a freeze warning for tonight and tomorrow morning. Take any and all precautions needed to protect sensitive vegetation as well as pets.

This will be a one night event for most us. Tomorrow, highs will climb into the mid-60s before cooling back-off into the upper 30s for Wednesday night. For the rest of the week, our temperatures will slowly moderate back to those pleasantly warm spring temperatures we have become so accustomed too lately.

4-15-2014 8-00-33 AM








Skies are Clearing

| 11:00 am April 15, 2014

A very chilly, windy, and cloudy day is ongoing across Alabama. The winds will continue the rest of today as they help advect a much colder and drier air mass into the state.

As the dry air moves in, we will begin to see our clouds mix out and sunshine return. The sun’s return will occur from northwest to southeast across the state. Looking at the latest satellite image, we are beginning to see breaks in the clouds over western portions of the state, and actually severe clear over northern Mississippi and western Tennessee. During the next few hours we will see the skies clearing over Alabama, which will allow us to see a lot of sunshine this afternoon. The sun will not help much with our temps though, as highs this afternoon will struggle to reach the 50s, with many locations remaining in the 40s.

The winds will subside later this evening, and under a clear sky, we will have ideal radiational cooling conditions. This will allow our temps to drop like a rock later tonight and give us all a very cold and freezing night across the state.

4-15-2014 10-44-36 AM

A Wet April – So Far

| 9:06 am April 15, 2014

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone in Central Alabama that April has been wet. So just how wet has it been? Seems like a fair question considering we are tipping over the mid point of the month which also happens to be the dreaded tax filing day! So, while some are rushing to get their tax figures figured, how does April shape up on rainfall?

Here is a table showing the rainfall through April 14th from the primary observing sites in North and Central Alabama, the ranking of that rainfall for 2014, and the record rainfall and year of that record. All of this data comes from published reports and databases from the National Weather Service in Birmingham.

Since we are at the halfway point in the month, if the second half of the month is as rainy as the first half, we will likely see most observing sites reaching values putting April, 2014, into the top 15 of our all time wettest Aprils.

City Rainfall Ranking Record/Year
Birmingham 6.20″ 30th 13.75″/1979
Tuscaloosa 6.22″ 16th 14.41″/1979
Anniston 5.13″ 20th 17.30″/1979
Calera 6.31″ Unknown Unknown
Montgomery 5.84″ 33rd 15.94″/1912
Muscle Shoals 3.19″ 39th 12.81″/1983
Huntsville 3.77″ 30th 14.00″/1911
Troy 6.67″ Unknown Unknown

The next few days are expected to be dry, but some limited showers are forecast to return around Friday.


Storm Totals in Latest Rain

| 8:36 am April 15, 2014

Below is a compilation of rainfall reports made by the National Weather Service office in Birmingham for the latest rain event. Rainfall totals varied from as little as 1 inch to just over 3 inches. The majority of the reporting stations fell in the range of 1.50″ to 2.25″. The resultant runoff has pushed some rivers and streams back above flood stage with flood warnings currently posted on portions of the Tombigbee River, the Alabama River, and the Black Warrior River.

On top of the rain, we have some late season cold air to deal with, too. Temperatures today will feel more like January with readings holding in the 40s with a stiff north to northwest wind. By Wednesday morning, temperature values are likely to fall below freezing generally along and north of the Interstate 20 corridor and into the lower and middle 30s from the I-20 corridor southward into South Alabama. Consider taking protective action for any plants and vegetation that could be adversely affected by freezing temperatures.


NOUS44 KBMX 151306

805 AM CDT TUE APR 15 2014


LOCATION                       AMOUNT    TIME/DATE       LAT/LON

2 NE PRATTVILLE                1.99 IN   0747 AM 04/15   32.49N/86.42W
1 NNW PRATTVILLE               1.32 IN   0743 AM 04/15   32.48N/86.45W
2 SE PRATTVILLE                1.27 IN   0755 AM 04/15   32.44N/86.43W

CLAYTON                        1.21 IN   0600 AM 04/15   31.88N/85.48W
7 SSW FLORENCE MARINA STATE PA 1.13 IN   0752 AM 04/15   32.01N/85.09W

6 SW CENTREVILLE               1.81 IN   0600 AM 04/15   32.87N/87.24W
1 NNE BRENT                    1.61 IN   0726 AM 04/15   32.96N/87.17W

7 WSW UNION SPRINGS            1.69 IN   0747 AM 04/15   32.10N/85.83W

1 ENE BYNUM                    1.96 IN   0746 AM 04/15   33.62N/85.94W
2 E FORT MCCLELLAN             1.61 IN   0746 AM 04/15   33.72N/85.76W
ANNISTON ARPT ASOS             1.49 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.59N/85.86W
JACKSONVILLE ST UNIV           1.15 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.83N/85.76W

FIVE POINTS                    1.19 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.02N/85.35W

WEISS DAM POWER HOUSE          0.80 IN   0700 AM 04/15   34.13N/85.80W

4 NE THORSBY                   1.90 IN   0744 AM 04/15   32.96N/86.67W

2 ENE ASHLAND                  3.11 IN   0731 AM 04/15   33.28N/85.80W
3 NE LINEVILLE                 2.41 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.35N/85.72W

2 W HEFLIN                     1.28 IN   0714 AM 04/15   33.65N/85.63W

SELMA                          1.26 IN   0600 AM 04/15   32.41N/87.02W

2 S TALLASSEE                  2.00 IN   0536 AM 04/15   32.50N/85.89W

SARDIS CITY                    0.99 IN   0754 AM 04/15   34.17N/86.11W

3 S BERRY                      1.89 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.62N/87.61W

GAINESVILLE                    2.45 IN   0500 AM 04/15   32.83N/88.13W

WARRIOR LOCK AND DAM           2.10 IN   0530 AM 04/15   32.77N/87.83W

1 WSW LEEDS                    2.79 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.54N/86.57W
3 NE FAIRFIELD                 2.32 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.52N/86.88W
CITY SEWAGE PLT                1.86 IN   1200 AM 04/15   33.39N/87.01W
4 NW ARGO                      1.65 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.72N/86.56W
BIRMINGHAM ARPT ASOS           1.64 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.57N/86.75W
VESTAVIA HILLS                 1.58 IN   0751 AM 04/15   33.43N/86.78W
1 NW TRUSSVILLE                1.53 IN   0752 AM 04/15   33.65N/86.62W
2 NE HOOVER                    1.50 IN   0756 AM 04/15   33.40N/86.80W
4 NNE PINSON                   1.38 IN   0744 AM 04/15   33.74N/86.64W

6 WNW VERNON                   2.19 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.79N/88.21W
5 W MILLPORT                   1.75 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.55N/88.17W

AUBURN                         1.73 IN   0655 AM 04/15   32.62N/85.43W
3 NNE AUBURN                   1.44 IN   0752 AM 04/15   32.63N/85.47W
2 NW OPELIKA                   1.35 IN   0755 AM 04/15   32.68N/85.40W

9 ESE NOTASULGA                2.06 IN   0726 AM 04/15   32.48N/85.56W

LOCK AND DAM                   2.20 IN   0600 AM 04/15   32.52N/87.88W
DEMOPOLIS                      2.20 IN   0753 AM 04/15   32.52N/87.84W

3 S HAMILTON                   2.12 IN   0700 AM 04/15   34.10N/87.99W

5 E MONTGOMERY                 1.81 IN   0756 AM 04/15   32.35N/86.19W
MONTGOMERY DANNELLY FIELD      1.55 IN   0653 AM 04/15   32.30N/86.41W
7 WSW SHORTER                  1.36 IN   0751 AM 04/15   32.37N/86.06W
6 SW MONTGOMERY                1.18 IN   0800 PM 04/14   32.26N/86.22W

9 WNW MAPLESVILLE              1.45 IN   0741 AM 04/15   32.83N/87.04W

ALICEVILLE LOCK AND DAM        3.49 IN   0500 AM 04/15   33.21N/88.29W

TROY MUNICIPAL APT             1.43 IN   0653 AM 04/15   31.78N/85.95W

R.L. HARRIS DAM                2.06 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.25N/85.62W
WADLEY NR 2                    1.24 IN   0530 AM 04/15   33.13N/85.58W

HURTSBORO                      1.05 IN   0749 AM 04/15   32.24N/85.42W

SHELBY COUNTY AIRPORT          1.98 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.18N/86.78W
3 SE PELHAM                    1.86 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.76W
2 SSW PELHAM                   1.70 IN   0716 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.81W
1 SE HELENA                    1.67 IN   0753 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.83W
1 SW MEADOWBROOK               1.66 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.39N/86.71W
1 WNW HELENA                   1.58 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.30N/86.87W
3 N CHELSEA                    1.58 IN   0752 AM 04/15   33.37N/86.64W
1 S HELENA                     1.34 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.27N/86.86W

...ST. CLAIR...
LOGAN MARTIN DAM               1.52 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.43N/86.33W
2 SSW MARGARET                 1.33 IN   0728 AM 04/15   33.66N/86.49W
2 E MARGARET                   1.31 IN   0755 AM 04/15   33.69N/86.44W

1 SSW LIVINGSTON               2.81 IN   0630 AM 04/15   32.57N/88.19W

WATER PLANT                    2.40 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.21N/86.21W
1 ENE TALLADEGA                1.66 IN   0726 AM 04/15   33.44N/86.08W

12 S BERRY                     2.39 IN   0630 AM 04/15   33.48N/87.60W
OLIVER LOCK AND DAM            2.23 IN   0400 AM 04/15   33.21N/87.59W
11 SSE HOLT                    2.20 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.08N/87.40W
TUSCALOOSA REGIONAL AIRPORT    2.15 IN   0653 AM 04/15   33.22N/87.61W
5 W NORTHPORT                  2.06 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.24N/87.69W
2 NE HOLT                      1.82 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.25N/87.45W
8 NE VANCE                     1.62 IN   0750 AM 04/15   33.27N/87.16W
14 N BROOKWOOD                 1.18 IN   0700 AM 04/15   33.46N/87.35W

2 ENE JASPER                   1.46 IN   0754 AM 04/15   33.86N/87.24W

ADDISON                        1.50 IN   0630 AM 04/15   34.20N/87.18W
3 NNE HALEYVILLE               1.29 IN   0656 AM 04/15   34.28N/87.60W




Raw, Cold Day Ahead

| 6:16 am April 15, 2014

An all new edition of the ABC 33/40 Weather Xtreme video is available in the player on the right sidebar of the blog. You can subscribe to the Weather Xtreme video on iTunes by clicking here.

MORE LIKE JANUARY: This won’t be a “Chamber of Commerce” kind of day around here as strong north winds of 15-30 mph usher in much colder air. Places like Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Anniston will struggle to reach the low to mid 50s today, and many communities to the north of these cities won’t get out of the 40s.

We begin the day with clouds and some drizzle; we will forecast gradual clearing this afternoon. But, it will be a raw day.

FREEZE WARNING TONIGHT: Most of Alabama is under a freeze warning for late tonight and early tomorrow. Not much change in our thinking; the sky will become clear tonight and the wind will die down, setting up a late season freeze.

The range tomorrow morning for most communities will be from around 25 to 35 degrees. The colder readings will be in valleys; some ridge tops will avoid a freeze with mid 30s, but even there frost is likely. It is possible some of the coldest places (like Black Creek and Valley Head) will reach the low 20s.

Most places across North/Central Alabama will be below freezing for about 3 to 4 hours. And, the record low for Birmingham tomorrow (April 16) of 32, set in 1983, is very much in danger. Growers will need to protect all tender plants and vegetation tonight.

On the positive side, it is likely this is the last freeze threat of the season around here.

A warming trend begins tomorrow afternoon with a sunny sky as we rise into the mid 60s, and upper 60s are likely Thursday.

FRIDAY AND THE WEEKEND: We will bring in the chance of rain showers statewide Friday. This won’t be a heavy rain event, and there won’t be any severe weather, but confidence is high there will be some rain at times during the day Friday, and possibly Friday night; Friday’s high will be around 70 degrees.

The news for the weekend is generally good. Both the GFS/ECMWF models are suggesting the chance of a shower Saturday is very small, and most places will be dry, and Sunday for now looks like a dry day with a decent amount of sun. Highs over the weekend will be in the mid 70s.

NEXT WEEK: Moisture levels rise and a few showers are possible Monday and Tuesday, but it doesn’t look like a big rain event. See the Weather Xtreme video for the maps, graphics, and more details.

AT THE BEACH: Clearing today in the zone from Panama City over to Gulf Shores, but windy and cool with a high in the low 60s. Lots of sun tomorrow with a high in the upper 60s on the immediate coast. A few widely scattered showers are possible Thursday and Friday, then expect mostly sunny weather over the weekend. Highs Saturday and Sunday on the coast will be in the low 70s, with mid 70s inland.

NEED HELP WITH YOUR WEATHER RADIO? We will be at Academy Sports on Skyland Blvd in Tuscaloosa tomorrow from 3:30 until 6:30… we will program your weather radio, or be glad to answer questions if you have them.

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Busy day ahead… I have weather programs today at Paine Primary School in Trussville, and at Alexandria Elementary in Calhoun County. Look for the next Weather Xtreme video here by 4:00 or so this afternoon. Enjoy the day!

Another Look at the Radar

| 7:07 pm April 14, 2014

Moderate to heavy rain is moving into western portions of state. The rain will continue to spread east across the state the next few hours. No storms are currently severe in Mississippi, and we are not expecting severe weather in Central Alabama. Storms could produce gusty winds, lightning, perhaps some small hail, and very heavy rainfall.

The bulk of the rainfall is between Interstate 65 in Alabama and Interstate 55 in Central Mississippi. There have been several flash flood warnings back in Mississippi and we certainly could see some flash flooding throughout the area as the rain moves through. Expect several hours of rain before the rain begins to taper off from west to east across the state later tonight.

4-14-2014 6-59-26 PM

Early Evening Radar Check

| 5:12 pm April 14, 2014

4-14-2014 5-08-18 PM

We continue to have scattered light rain across much of the state this evening. This rain will continue the next few hours. We are watching activity to our west over Central Mississippi in and around the Jackson area, where some stronger storms are ongoing currently. This activity will continue to head east through the evening and will be moving across Alabama during the overnight.

4-14-2014 5-02-12 PM

Roughly the southern third of the state remains outlined in a slight risk for severe weather. There is a severe thunderstorm watch across Mississippi and Louisiana with a few warnings in Central Mississippi. Though some of the storms are severe, we are not expecting severe storms to impact North-Central Alabama. We could see a few strong storms in the area, with gusty winds and some hail, but most locations will just see the heavy rains.

Severe storms will be possible across our southern counties and we could even see a watch issued for some of our southwestern counties, but the main concern continues to be the threat for flooding. All of Central Alabama remains under a flash flood watch until 1 PM Tuesday. With the soaking rains from earlier today and additional heavy rain set to arrive after while, we could certainly see a few flash flood warnings.

Much Colder Tomorrow

| 3:46 pm April 14, 2014

An all new edition of the ABC 33/40 Weather Xtreme video is available in the player on the right sidebar of the blog. You can subscribe to the Weather Xtreme video on iTunes by clicking here.

STILL WET TONIGHT: A flash flood watch remains in effect for most of Central and South Alabama through tonight as more rain will fall tonight ahead of a strong cold front. Additional rain amounts of around one are likely, and some minor flooding issues are possible, but nothing like the big event we had a week ago in the Birmingham metro area.

The good news is that SPC dropped the severe weather risk for North and Central Alabama earlier this morning; the risk of severe storms for tonight is confined to the far southern counties of the state, where there is better instability.


The rain will end from west to east after midnight. Clouds hang tough, so no chance of seeing the lunar eclipse in Alabama. Sorry….

RAW, WINDY, COLD TOMORROW: It sure won’t feel like April tomorrow. Strong north winds of 15-30 mph will usher in some very cold air; the high will be only in the low to mid 50s, and some communities over the northern third of the state might not get out of the 40s. We project gradual clearing tomorrow afternoon as subsidence takes over.

FREEZE WEDNESDAY MORNING: The new run of the NAM model is printing a low of 28 degrees for Birmingham at daybreak Wednesday. We expect the range to be generally from 25 to 35 degrees, and growers will need to protect tender plants and vegetation. Some of the coldest valleys and protected areas (like Black Creek and Valley Head) could see low 20s. And, across higher terrain where temperatures stay above freezing, frost is likely.

A warming trend begins Wednesday afternoon with a high in the mid 60s. Thursday will be another sunny day with a high around 70 degrees.

FRIDAY AND THE WEEKEND: A disturbance will bring the risk of showers late Friday afternoon, Friday night, and possibly into Saturday morning. Upper support is not impressive, and severe weather should not be an issue. And, rain not especially heavy.

The surface front will stall out over Central Alabama Saturday along with a moisture axis. Rain on Saturday should be light and spotty, and there is no risk of severe weather. The high will be in the mid 70s, and the sky will be generally cloudy.

All of a sudden the 12Z GFS brings in a wave of low pressure along the front, and more rain into Alabama. This solution seems plausible and is accepted for this forecast package, so we will amend the forecast to include the risk of rain Sunday. The weather stays mild with a high well into the 70s.

NEXT WEEK: Drier air arrives Monday with a clearing sky, and mostly dry weather is likely for Tuesday and Wednesday. See the Weather Xtreme video for the maps, graphics, and details.

AT THE BEACH: A chance of showers and storms tonight, a few severe storms are possible from Gulf Shores over to Panama City. Then, clearing, windy, and cooler tomorrow with a high only in the low 60s. The weather will be dry through mid-week with sunny days and fair nights Wednesday and Thursday. Highs back in the 67 to 70 degree range on the immediate coast on these two days. Just a few scattered showers for Friday and Saturday; rain will be a little more likely Sunday.

WEATHER RADIO HELP: We will be at Academy Sports in Tuscaloosa on Skyland Blvd. Wednesday from 3:30 until 6:30 p.m. If you need your weather radio programmed, or have questions, come see us…

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I enjoyed seeing the kids at Hokes Bluff and Chelsea Park Elementary Schools today… be looking for them on the Pepsi KIDCAM today at 5:00 and 6:00 on ABC 33/40 News! The next Weather Xtreme video will be posted here by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow….