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Category: Winter Weather

Sleet Reports Increasing

| 11:33 am March 5, 2015


Reports of sleet are becoming more common across Walker and northern Tuscaloosa and Jefferson Counties at this hour.

In the past 15 minutes, sleet has been reported at Coker in northern Tuscaloosa County as well as in the cities of Northport and Tuscaloosa. Steady sleet is reported in downtown Tuscaloosa.

Sleet is being reported as far south as Livingston in Sumter County.

Sleet is being reported in Dora, as well as in Kimberly and Hayden. Sleet is being reported around Lake Tuscaloosa.

It was 35F at the Birmingham Airport with sleet being reported last hour, but now it is down to 34F

If you are not where you are going to be this afternoon, now would be a good time to do so in the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area.

Flirting with Freezing

| 10:42 am March 5, 2015

We continue to monitor observations across the area as we are flirting with freezing in many locations of Central Alabama. Much of the Interstate 59 corridor continues to sit right above freezing with a very cold rain falling, and if it will stay in the mid-30s, we are going to be a good shape until later this evening. However, we are still expecting the cold air to win the battle and continue a southeastward progression.

3-5-2015 10-34-04 AM

Precipitation will persist through much of the afternoon, and it should begin to wind down by this evening. Temps will be dropping tonight well down into the 20s, so no matter what occurs today, there will be areas of ice develop tonight. Through the afternoon, we are expecting some travel issues to develop as temps fall. Bridges and elevated areas will be first to see these issues develop.

Locations in Northwest Alabama are seeing lots of frozen precip and travel issues, with temperatures in these areas in the lower to mid-20s. The sub-freezing air is ever so slowly sliding southeast and once temps fall below freezing at your location today, do not expect them to climb back above freezing until mid-morning Friday.

From the get go, it has been how fast the freezing line makes it south, on determining what kind of day we will have. A couple of degrees is and will be making all the difference today. Stay safe!

Continuing to Watch the Thermometer

| 10:30 am March 5, 2015


Another surge of colder air seems to be pushing into West Alabama at this hour.

Temperatures have dropped to near freezing in the Jasper area in Walker County.

It is still 37F at Tuscaloosa Regional, but the precipitation has changed to freezing rain at Coal Fire in Pickens County according to the NWS. It is 30F at Millport in southern Lamar County.

Right now, roads are still ok in the Birmingham Metro area, but there is still another wave of precipitation over Central Mississippi from Natchez to Jackson to Philadelphia to Macon. There are numerous accidents in Hinds County MS on the west side of Jackson. It is 29F at Jackson now.

We still expect the colder air to move in before the precipitation ends in the I-59 corridor from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham to Gadsden. But it is an uncomfortable waiting game for now.

Tonight will be very cold across the area, with teens over northwestern and northern sections, readings near 20F in the I-59 corridor and lower 20s to the south and southeast.

Temperatures Nearing Freezing in Birmingham Metro

| 8:45 am March 5, 2015


It is down to 34F now at the Birmingham Airport. Readings are close to freezing now in some of the higher elevation areas around Bluff Park and up in northeastern Jefferson County around Clay.

KN3CVB in Trussville is down to 32F now according to the MesoWEST site.


It is 30F at the Cullman Airport, 36F at Tuscaloosa and 36F at the Jasper Airport.

Light to moderate precipitation continues to fall over much of Alabama along and northwest of I-59. In areas where surface temperatures are at or below freezing, a glaze of ice will quickly form. The further northwest you go, the freezing layer is deeper and the melted precip has a chance to refreeze into sleet.

Temperatures will continue to fall to near freezing across northern portions of Jefferson and Tuscaloosa County soon and to near freezing the City of Birmingham between now and 9:30.

It is advised that travel should be curtailed before temperatures reach freezing in the Winter Storm Warning and Freezing Rain Advisory areas.

Quick Radar Check

| 8:35 am March 5, 2015

Another day with quite the mess across the area. A quick look at the radar shows a mix of wintery precip across Northwest and North Alabama, with rain, sleet, and freezing rain falling. The freezing line continues to sink towards the southeast and is approaching the Interstate 59 corridor.

Already getting reports of sleet mixed with the rain in the Birmingham metro, and once temps fall below freezing, travel issues are going to develop. Temps will continue to drop today, so do not look for conditions to improve.

The next few hours we will see a transition to freezing rain and sleet, and yes, there will be snow as the even winds down. A winter storm warning remains in effect for areas along and north of Interstate 59 until 3PM. This includes areas north of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, such as Jasper, Fayette, Hamilton, and Cullman.

3-5-2015 8-30-58 AM

Jefferson, Tuscaloosa and Pickens Being Upgraded to Winter Storm Warning

| 7:13 am March 5, 2015

The NWS is upgrading Jefferson, Tuscaloosa and Pickens Counties from a Freezing Rain Advisory to a Winter Storm Warning.

Numerous reports of freezing rain and sleet accumulating across Northwest and West Central Alabama and more precipitation upstream to the southwest moving into an airmass that is getting colder by the hour will result in accumulations of sleet and a glaze of freezing rain in these counties as well. Travel is already hazardous.

Travel will become hazardous later this morning in areas which are above freezing now.