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A Bitterly Cold Night

| March 2, 2013 @ 8:21 pm

The snow we saw most of today will be tapering off as we head through the rest of tonight. Along with the snow, the clouds will be slowly getting out of here as well. With already cold temperatures and clearing skies, we can expect overnight lows to bottom out in the mid 20s in central Alabama. Very cold temperatures for this time of year when our average low is around 40. Looking at the forecast lows for tomorrow morning we will see bitterly cold weather all the way down to the Gulf Coast, where below freezing temps are expected.

3-2-2013 7-44-29 PM

Across our part of the state, most areas will see the mid 20s. Birmingham will see a low of 26 and the areas out away from the city will be 23-25. Temperatures will be closer to 20 across portions of the Tennessee Valley. We will continue to see a light north wind as well, a very cold winter’s night in this the first weekend of March. Make sure you bundle up when you head out the door in the morning. We will see ample sunshine tomorrow, but afternoon highs will only make it into the mid 40s.

Spotty Snow Showers Continue

| March 2, 2013 @ 4:13 pm

Across Central Alabama snowflakes and some light snow showers continue late this afternoon and evening. Snow should continue into the overnight hours but should really begin to taper off around midnight. Across portions of northern Tuscaloosa, Walker, Jefferson, Blount and St. Claire Counties, there are some more intense snow echoes showing up on radar. That activity will continue to drift south for the next few hours. Some snow showers are showing up in Tallapoosa County around Alexander City too.

Still no significant accumulations and no road or travel problems. We should make it through this event with very little impacts. Across the Tennessee Valley, there is a chance for a few slick spots later tonight, but most locations should be ok.

Throughout  tonight, clouds and snow should get out of here and clearing skies will allow for temperatures to drop into the lower to mid 20s by tomorrow morning. Bundle up as you head out the door in the morning.

3-2-2013 3-59-26 PM

February Rains Improve Drought Conditions

| March 2, 2013 @ 2:15 pm

The last month of meteorological winter saw a wide range of rain fall totals across the state of Alabama. Depending where you were in the state, you would have seen anywhere from a couple of inches of rain to nearly two feet. The southern counties in the state were the big winners as several frontal boundaries stalled across the region, providing copious amounts of rain fall. Much of the rain fell in the last week of the month. Here is a map of the rainfall totals across the state for the month of February.

3-2-2013 7-11-45 AM

Last week I discussed how the drought conditions were improving across the state, and I was anxious to see how the week’s rain fall would be affecting the drought conditions. This image is for the drought conditions before the last main frontal system stalled across the region. Still many portions of the south and southeastern Alabama were still having drought impacts.

2-23-2013 12-02-42 PM

With the latest drought monitor, big changes have occurred. The heavy rains from the last system have drastically improved these conditions. A look at the latest drought conditions shows just over 11% of the state is abnormally dry or experiencing drought conditions. A big change from the week before and now only portions of Randolph, Chambers and Tallapoosa Counties still have drought conditions. Conditions should continue to get better as several additional storm systems are in the forecast, and hopefully these dry areas can get caught up on rainfall and no drought conditions will persist.

2-28-2013 1-35-12 PM

In The News Today…

| March 2, 2013 @ 12:54 pm

2013-03-02_12-39-11 News Reporter Mike Oliver penned an excellent article about our efforts to bring all of the elements of the weather enterprise across Central Alabama together to share, network, learn and serve.

Here is a link to the article.

We have the opportunity to make some big things happen in the Association, with top notch learning experiences, excellent speakers (including some nationally known ones), outreach in the community and helping deserving students.

if you love weather, come help us make things happen.

Join now at:

You can pay your dues online on that page as well. They are $26.06 for the year paying online. This grants you admission to all three big chapter meetings. It will also give you access to the outreach activities, service opportunities, social events and other involvement experiences.

Follow the chapter on Twitter as well @centralalnwa

More Snow Coming In

| March 2, 2013 @ 12:44 pm

The latest scan of the radar shows more widespread and heavier snow showers now making their way into the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama. I have seen a few reports from Madison and Limestone Counties of pretty descent snow showers ongoing. Up in Nashville, they have had light snow for several hours. This activity will continue to head south into Alabama for the rest of the afternoon. Some areas could still see a dusting on grassy areas and rooftops. These heavy snow showers are still a couple of hours away from making it into the Birmingham metro.

3-2-2013 12-28-06 PM

Winter precip has been reported all across the northern two-thirds of Alabama. Snow has been reported in Selma, Troy and Opelika. Early this afternoon, most of the snow in the part of the state has turned over to a rain/sleet mix. Still seeing the flakes fly across our part of the state, but expect this activity to increase as the heavier activity north of us makes its way into our part of the state.

Cold Winds Blowing, Flakes Keep Flying

| March 2, 2013 @ 10:01 am

Snow reports coming in from all over the state, nothing major and no travel impacts. Mostly reports of flurries and light snow showers. The cold and the wind seem the be the main issue today. Temperatures are hovering in the mid to upper 30s. Very cold conditions today and the winds are making it feel more unpleasant. A brisk northwest wind 10-15mph will continue to blow today, winds chills are mostly in the upper 20s.

We are expecting snow flurries and snow showers to last most of today and some areas will still likely see a dusting as heavier snow showers move in from Tennessee as seen on the radar. Bundle up if you head out to today as it remains very cold and blustery. Truly a raw winter’s day across Alabama.

3-2-2013 9-58-18 AM

Advisory Canceled

| March 2, 2013 @ 10:00 am

The NWS has cancelled the Winter Weather Advisory for Central Alabama.

A few light snow showers continue are this hour, but they are very light.

There is one decent small snow shower in the Pincon vcinity moving down toward Trussville. If you’re lucky in parts of Northeast Jefferson County, you might see a brief flizzard!

There could see a few brief hevier snow showers at times like this one into the early afternoon, but accumulations, if any, will be very light.

Saturday Morning Flizzard!

| March 2, 2013 @ 8:15 am

Lots of reports of snow flurries and some light snow across the area this morning.

Radar shows very faint echoes on reflectivity across much of the southeastern half of Walker County across the southwestern two thirds of Jefferson County, then over much of Shelby County on into southern Talladega, Coosa eastern Chilton and even into Elmore Counties.

You can see that on this radar with a more sensitive color table.

3-2-2013 8-08-58 AM

Here is a dual panel with reflectivity on the left and Dual Pol Hydrometeor Classification on the right. I left the legend up for the right panel. You can see plenty of graupel in peach, dry snow in light blue and unknown in magenta (probably a mix).


Graupel is what happens when snowflakes run into supercooled water droplets and freeze into little white pellets. They look like small hail, but they’re not hail, and they’re not sleet. They’re graupel!

Some reports from the Flizzard:

…7:43 Flurries getting heavier in Alabaster
…7:36 Light snow in Cahaba Heights sticking to roofs
…7:26 Nice snow shower in Columbiana
…7:14 Snow flurries in Chelsea. Large flakes.
…7:05 Snowing in Columbus MS
…7:02 @lhcoop says “Light snow coming down this morning in Jasper. March is roaring in like a lion!”
…6:52 It’s snowing in Moody and sticking to rooftops!

Here is a picture from Section in Northeast Alabama courtesy of Brian Harper via Jason Simpson at WHNT.


Only a few lucky folks will see enough snow to stick on colder objects like grills, decks and cars. Heavier showers may stick on roofs and grass. There are no reports of any road problems at all across Central Alabama. The winter weather advisory continues til noon for Blount, Calhoun, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Etowah, Fayette, Jefferson, Lamar, Marion, Pickens, Randolph, Shelby, St. Clair, Talladega, Tuscaloosa, Walker and Winston Counties. The advisory was canceled for DeKalb and Jackson Counties earlier.

Muscle Shoals did set a record for snowfall yesterday. They recorded a trace. Woohoo! That tied the record set in 2005. Who says it never snows in Alabama?