Update East Alabama Icy Roads

| January 8, 2010 @ 12:03 pm | 8 Replies

Many thanks to Mr. McCormick for relaying this information at midday:

James/Jason, wanted to give you a little update here in East Alabama.

– In Randolph County, there are numerous accidents on Stae Highway 48 between Wedowee and the Georgia line and Wedowee and Lineville. There have been at least two involving eighteen wheelers that have the roads completely blocked. Roads are very icey right now.

– In Cleburne County, numerous roads are closed due to icing. Highway 431 between Hollis Cross Roads and Interstate 20 is closed because of ice and an accident involving an eighteen wheeler.

– In Clay County most county roads are currently closed.

Temperatures are in the twenties right now and about 1/2 to 1 inch of snow is still on the ground.

Will keep you posted…


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  1. Tyler Williams says:

    James if you are mointoring the comments, I sent pictures to pictures@abc3340.com of the roads in East, AL and West, GA. The roads are really a big sheet of ice.

    Thank you

  2. Wayne In Georiga says:

    Hey J.B. From the news and what I’ve heard we’ve had hundreds of accidents over here in teh ATL metro area from the burst of snow last night. Heard of one fatality last night just to the north of us .The “Wayne-In-Georgia Mobile” was on the NBC Affil on the noon news. Actually we were at stop light while the reporter was interviewing a State Trooper close to the light. Got to see the car on the noon news, couldn’t see us though. The reason for the interview. The road we were turning left on to was closed going the other way for a short time as a police car had hit an ice patch and slid into a guardrail. As he got out of his car another car lost control headed right for him he jumped over the guardrail which was part of a small bridge and feel to the ground below SEVERAL feet below. The said they were evaluating his injuries but did mention possible broken bones. SO THE LESSON FOLKS, IF YOU HAVE JUST A FINDER-BINDER WITH THESE SLICK ROADS, KEEP WATCHING BEHIND YOU. IF IT CAN HAPPEN TO AN OFFICER IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wayne In Georia says:

    Line 7 should be he fell to the ground although I’m sure he felt it when he hit it.

  4. Kim says:

    Is is still flurring out there? Or is it clearing up for tonight?

  5. Sarah says:

    “Temperatures in the twenties” is what we New Englanders would refer to as “not too cold,really” and “about 1/2 to 1 inch of snow still on the ground.” we would call “nothing at all.” 🙂
    I hope you’re all enjoy the wonderfulness of snow!! 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Hey Sarah, if you’ll give us a destination address, next July we Southerners will ship you big load of Southeastern summertime humidity (the sort of air that you can drink – where the high temperature and relative humidity are about numerically equal) mixed in with a healthy batch of hungry mosquitoes. 🙂

  7. Wayne Ingram Cherokee County, Al says:

    Highway 68 from Leesburg to Collinsville is ok….Just went from Cedar Bluff to Ft. Payne. Alabama highway 35 from Ft. Payne is still closed.
    Wayne on The Lake

  8. BeninGrantley says:

    We just now got above 20 deg…the roads around here are impassable at best…ended up with a little over 1 inch of snow…nothing we are diging out of just made all the roads really bad.

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