Needed: Past Issues of Weatherwise Magazine

| January 12, 2010 @ 2:04 pm | 8 Replies

For several years, I have been collecting Weatherwise magazine, the wonderful periodical started by my hero David Ludlum in 1948. I am down to needing just over 50 issues.

Perhaps you have some dusty copies in your attic, know a weather fan who might have some of these copies, or know of another source, I would be very pleased to buy these copies or even entire collections. Email me at

Copies that I need

1948-50 all
1951 Feb Apr Jun Dec
1955 Feb Apr Jun Oct Dec
1956 Feb Apr
1957 Feb Apr Jun Dec
1958 Feb Apr Aug Oct
1959 Feb Jun Aug Oct Dec
1961 Jun
1963 Apr Jun Aug Oct Dec
1964 Feb Oct
1965 Feb Aug
1966 Apr
1969 Aug
1989 Apr Aug
1997 Jun/Jul Oct/Nov Dec/Jan
1998 Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov/Dec
2001 May/June


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Bill Murray is the President of The Weather Factory. He is the site’s official weather historian and a weekend forecaster. He also anchors the site’s severe weather coverage. Bill Murray is the proud holder of National Weather Association Digital Seal #0001 @wxhistorian

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  1. fifa 17 points | September 2, 2016
  1. Jenny Ellison says:

    Do you have his book: The American weather book?

    Jenny 🙂

  2. Bill Murray says:

    I do Jenny! Everything he ever did except The Vermont Weather Book.

  3. J.B Elliott says:

    Bill, I have these copies of Weatherwise in my files:

    Aug 61
    June 61
    April 61
    Oct 63
    Dec 63
    Dec 62
    Aug 64
    Aug 63
    June 63
    April 65
    June 65
    Feb 63
    Oct 61
    Dec 61
    Feb 62
    Dec 64
    Feb 65 (another almanac issue)
    Feb 61 also almanac
    Oct 57
    Oct 62
    Aug 62
    June 62
    April 62
    April 64
    June 64
    Oct 64
    Feb 64
    April 63

    Also have a copy of April, 1977 Southern Aire Magazine covering the April 1977 Smithfield tornao

  4. J. B. Elliott says:

    Forgot to mention that you are welcome to any that you need along with free S&H Green Stamps. Howsomever, I can’t get rid of some historic LIFE Magazines and history-packed issues of TIME and U.S. News & World Report

  5. Wayne In Georgia says:

    Hey J.B. As a big history buff there were two separate either Life or Look magazines I had saved when I was a kid around 12 years old. They were lost when my folks moved it FLA in 1970. One was entitled “What If The South Had Won the Civil War”. The second was entitled “What If The Axis Would Had Won WWII”. Both circa 1960 (about). To bad all my classes weren’t history classes, my grades would have been much better. I would like to have said LOL at the end of the last sentence but it’s the truth!

  6. B Sperlin says:

    While I’ve subscribed since I was a kid in the ’50s the old ones have long since been thrown away. I’m sure I have ones from the 90s, however. What are you willing to pay for mailing them and some extra for the effort?

  7. Bill Murray says:

    Dear B Sperlin:

    How about $5 each for any from the 1989-2001 that you have that I need? Plus postage in a USPS Priority Mail box?

    Let me know!


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