Central Alabama’s Most Detailed Seven Day Forecast

Sunday Afternoon, October 23, 2016
Forecaster: Bill Murray

Wow, Saturday was such a beautiful day across Central Alabama. Blue, cloudless skies allowed for a nice warmup from chilly morning lows. Highs across Central Alabama ranged from 70F at Anniston to 71F at Birmingham to 72F at Calera to 73F at Tuscaloosa. If you liked yesterday, you will love tomorrow and the next few days.

PERFECT WEATHER WARNING: AlabamaWX is only allowed to issue watches, warnings and advisories for one weather phenomenon. In fact, we are the only weather agency allowed to issue for it. It carries the code PW on AWIPS. Perfect Weather. In fact today, we are going to the unprecedented step of issuing the enhanced version of the Perfect Weather Warning. Highs in the upper 70s, light winds, clear skies and low humidities will make for a beautiful day. Congratulations to the folks at Talladega for ordering their weather. Please let us know where you are buying it. It is first rate.

FIRE WEATHER: The bad side of a PWW is that it is often not so perfect in the fire weather area. We will be borderline today. Humidities will be low, which is dangerous for fire potential, but winds will be light which should help. Still. Please remember there is a No Burn Order for all counties across Central Alabama. And be very careful with any ignition sources. There were significant grass fires along I-459 on Friday, brought about most likely by careless smokers.

EXTENDED PERFECT WEATHER WATCH: A Perfect Weather Watch will continue through at least Wednesday, with lows moderating into the 50s after tonight and highs each day checking in around 80F. Skies will be partly cloudy. There is a tiny chance of rain on Thursday afternoon and evening as an upper level disturbance passes to the north of Alabama. The stage will be set for another perfect weekend in its wake.

IS THERE ANY HOPE? The streak of consecutive rainless days at Birmingham now stands at 34 days, which is the 5th longest such streak in history. Now it looks like the streak could go on to 45 days if it doesn’t rain until Thursday the 3rd of November. That would be the second longest streak in history.

TROPICS: The Tropical Atlantic is quiet for now, but unsettled weather is expected to increase across the Caribbean over the next ten days. There is an outside chance that we could see a weak low or tropical cyclone form over the Gulf of Mexico toward the end of the month. Then, if we are lucky, a huge trough over the Plains states could pull all that moisture northward into the Southeast. There’s our hope!

GULF COAST WEATHER: The weather across Central Alabama couldn’t get any better, and the weather at the beach is pretty beautiful too. Lows tomorrow morning will be in the 50s, but 60s will prevail the rest of the week. Highs will be right around 80 degrees. Humidity values will be low until midweek when they will rise for a couple of days before some reinforcing dry air settles in making for a perfect weekend. Water temperatures have really dropped in the past two weeks. This morning’s reading from the Dauphin Island Sea Lab was 70.2. Getting a little chilly for a dip, but be careful anyway, purple flags have been flying for jellyfish.

DANCING WITH THE STATS: The big ridge of high pressure that covers the southern tier of states is producing some hot weather to our west. It was 90F yesterday in Dalhart, TX, a record for the date. It was 97F in Phoenix, which is notable because today is the anniversary of their latest 100 degree reading ever, which was recorded on this date in 2003.

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ON THIS DATE IN 1920: Famed research meteorologist Thoedore Fujita, was born on this date in Kitakyushu City, Japan. Fujita, known as “Mr. Tornado” after developing the international standard for measuring tornado severity, also discovered microbursts – sudden, severe downdrafts that can result in 150 mph winds on or near the ground – after studying the starburst patterns of trees uprooted by tornadoes.