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June Almanac

Photograph by Kathy Bell, owner of kbella photography.

The sixth month of the year in Birmingham features warm temperatures, increasing humidity and generally light precipitation.
It is the third driest month, averaging 3.78 inches of rain. Only October and August are drier. Afternoon and evening thunderstorms become a frequent occurrence, generally happening on eight days during the month. In fact, much of the rain that falls in the month is associated with thunderstorms.

On average, rain falls on nine days during the month. 12.09 inches of rain fell in June 1900, which stands as the all-time record for the month. Early season Gulf tropical cyclones sometimes produce heavy rounds of precipitation.

As you would expect, cloudy periods are rare. The sky is cloudy 22% of the time on average. Only August features less cloudy time. The average PM relative humidity is on the rise, at 53%, rising from the 45% observed in April. The average dewpoint reaches 65F, which is my definition of muggy. This is up from the 58F in May.

On June 1, the average high and low is 85/62. By June 30th, it will be 90/68. The coolest it has ever been in June is 47F on June 16, 1917. It has been as warm as 106F on June 29, 1931.

- Bill Murray

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