No Travel Issues With Flurries

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They are nice to look at on this early Monday morning. However, the snow flurries (or snow showers) in progress mainly over the north third of Alabama should cause no problems to travel for these three main reasons:

1. They pass too quickly like a summer shower.
2. They are not heavy enough (or long-lasting enough)
3, The air temperature and especially the ground temperature not cold enough.

The 33/40 Skycam for Cullman was showing some whitened roofs in the last hour but very little on the ground. It was 35 degrees with west wind gusting to 31 mph.

Most of the flurries were over the north third of the state. Best chance of the ground turning white will be over the higher terrain of NE Alabama.

Just got a report from a motorist that had completed a Gadsden to Birmingham drive with no flurries seen.

FOR TODAY: Blustry and cold with intermittent snow flurries or snow showers. No travel problems. Westerly winds 15-25 mph, occasionally gusting over 30–the ingredients for an uncomfortable day.

37 Huntsville, flurries, wind SW 12, wind chill 29
36 Cullman Airport, wind SW 7, wind chill 30
36 light snow, Fort Payne Airport, Wind SW 10, wind chill 28
35 mostly cloudy Anniston Airport, wind SW 16, wind chill 25
34 light snow Hayleyville, wind SW 6, wind chill 29
36 Tupelo, cloudy, wind chill 30
36 Birmingham, mostly cloudy, wind SW 9, wind chill 29
34 Birmingham Skycam, wind gusts 26
30 Mt. Cheaha Skycam, wind west, gusts 33
35 snow showers Cullman Skycam, wind west, gusts to 31, roofs white

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