Remembering A Powerful May Tropical Cyclone From Decades Past

| June 13, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

(credit: Dr. Philip Klotzbach)

DISCUSSION: As we have now started the 2018 Tropical Atlantic hurricane season, it is always interesting to look back and reflect on tropical cyclone season’s past.  In looking back to the Tropical Atlantic hurricane season of 1951, we find the strongest hurricane on-record which occurred during the month of May.  Over the course of the past 60 to 70 years of relatively reliable archiving of tropical cyclone events, there have most definitely been major improvements made to the ways and methods by which tropical cyclone track and intensity data is obtained and recorded.  Thus, it is crucial to recognize the fact that May is not notoriously known for producing powerful tropical cyclones, but it can and does happen as is shown in the track of Hurricane Able (1951) as shown above.

It is worth noting that, as is always the case, it only ever takes that one tropical cyclone to shatter a record and forever leave it’s mark on a region for generations to come.  Hence, even though, we have just started the Tropical Atlantic’s hurricane season timeline, it is imperative to always remain vigilant so you are never caught off-guard in any way when a tropical cyclone is bearing down on your home-base.  As unlikely as a major hurricane realistically is during the month of May from a climatological standpoint, it is always so important to be prepared so you are ready for if and when a tropical cyclone of any intensity threatens your hometown.  This can be done with simple steps as fundamental as even just having an evacuation plan in place, should you ever need it.  And, of course, having basic emergency supplies such as a 4 to 7 day supply of water, energy bars, batteries, basic medications, a couple of blankets, and a basic first aid kit are all important to have at the ready as well.

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