A Way To Better Understand The Difference Between IFR And VFR Aviation Rules.

| November 22, 2018 @ 9:30 am
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DISCUSSION: There is no question whatsoever that there is a lot of mystery when it comes to understanding various things about the aviation industry. One such mystery is all about what it takes to fly a plane under different types of low and/or mid-level environmental conditions. This difference primarily has to do with whether a pilot or co-pilot of a given aircraft is flying under IFR or VFR flight rules. That is whether a situation has sufficiently clear and calm conditions for a given pilot to steer a plane via natural eye-sight abilities or if a pilot needs to rely on aircraft-based instrumentation as well as regional air-traffic controller (ATC) staff members at a given airport. 

Attached above is a short video briefing detailing the most important differences between IFR and VFR flight rules to learn more about these unique differences.

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