Spotlight on: Clines Corners

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(This is a daily feature about interesting weather spots but only if time is available!)

SPOTLIGHTING: CLINES CORNERS: Where in the world is Clines Corners, you ask? You may even want to know where in the universe is Clines Corners.

It so happens to be a very important location, although not very big. It is sort of an oasis in Eastern New Mexico where I-40 crosses US-285 about 70 miles east of Albuquerque. For years there has been a huge truck stop there with a restaurant, showers and a gift shop.

I have passed through there several times, but one of my most memorable weather encounters was there. In the spring of 1955, a friend and I were en route to Rogers Pass, Montana—the coldest spot in the nation.

We were driving north from Roswell toward Santa Fe and got caught in a vicious dust and sandstorm. I thought all of the paint would come off of my new Ford Fairlane. Visibility was so low I could not see the hood ornament. We pulled off the road and rode out the storm. The car was rocking in the high wind. Even though the windows were up tight, little piles of sand accumulated in the back seat.

Clines Corners is prone to dust and sand storms and also hail.

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