These Recipes From Alabama Cooks Put A Twist On Tradition

| January 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am

By Alabama Living

We throw around the word tradition a lot, and usually use it in a favorable light. That’s with good reason: It’s good to have customs and to remember old ways. It connects us to our history – both our collective and our personal pasts. Some wider traditions reinforce cultural ties; others are just for us and keep family bonds strong. Basically, at their best, traditions ensure good things keep going.

But ritual can become routine, and in so doing, dull the very meaning that makes a tradition important. When we’re only going through the motions, the significance of the tradition may be lost. And at its worst, a tradition can hold us back, stop us from branching out and trying something new or from seeing something in a new way. If you always eat that one menu at every holiday meal, what else are you missing out on? What (or who, even) are you leaving out?

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