Powering Up for EVs at Alabama’s Port and the Rest of the State

| August 1, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

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By Ike Pigott

Mobile and its surrounding industries are taking more steps to electrify their businesses. From changing how work is done to supporting how employees get around, the use of all-electric solutions is helping overcome one of the biggest obstacles to an electric vehicle future.

“It’s the old story of the chicken and the egg,” said Alabama Power Marketing Specialist Rick Ramirez. “You want to make the move that is cost-effective, getting an electric vehicle (EV). But that requires you to be comfortable that you will be able to charge the battery. And others won’t be as inclined to install the chargers until they know there is a real demand.”

Innovators such as Tesla are tweaking the algorithms that play a direct role in how cars start and stop, and over time can be programmed to get more efficient. This may be the step that gets most people past what Ramirez calls “range anxiety.”

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