Undular Bore

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Thanks to Renny Vandewege of Mississippi State for these images… he writes:

“Hey James,

Todd Beal is out at the NWS in Amarillo these days and told me he saw a huge shelf out his window. I pulled up radar and saw at least 6 distinct waves/boundaries moving through on radar which also enhanced some convection to the west of AMA. Here are pictures Todd took of the shelf clouds as they passed over, along with a radar image at the time that I saved. Pretty neat stuff.”

And, by coincidence, I received another set of images of another undular bore from Nikka Jefferson of Northwest Alabama, who writes:

“My husband and I took these pictures on our cell phones on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 approx 7:00 – 7:15 a.m.. The morning was very cool almost like Fall. The cloud was so strange. It was very low and look like a big barrel. It was very still at first then it began to move like a rolling barrel across the sky. We live in NW AL in Winston Co. They were several people across the county and down into Walker Co. that commented on this phenomena cloud. Just wondering if you could give some weather insight on this? ”

To learn more about this phenomena, see this article on Wikipedia…

See all of the images below from both Renny and Nikka:

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