Dangerous Flooding Taking Place in Franklin County

| August 19, 2021 @ 5:49 pm

Dangerous and life-threatening flooding is occurring in the southeastern part of Franklin County, especially around the Phil Campbell area. Here are some of the latest reports from NWS Huntsville via NWS Chat:

Radar estimates around 2.5″ of rain has fallen over Phil Campbell in the last hour. 911 says they have not heard of any flooding issues around the area, but if this storm doesn’t move soon, I can see flooding being an issue. Went ahead and issued a Flash Flood Warning until 6:45 PM.

Getting increasingly concerned with flooding in Franklin (AL) County. Been calling around and trying to get reports, but radar now estimates over 3.5″ have fallen right over Phil Campbell in an hour, and it doesn’t really look like the rain will let up there in the near future. We are going to put a post out over social media asking for reports, but if you all hear anything, please pass it along!

College Road is underwater.

College Road between Pike and Dan Street is shut down Nix Road the bridge is 2 ft under water.

Part of College Road in Phil Campbell completely washed away! Lots of roads closed down due to flooding!

Will be issuing a Flash Flood Warning for the remainder of Franklin (AL) County given the amount of rain that has overspread the county. EMA reports that railroad tracks are being washed out, in addition to several bridges with water over them and most area roads with at least 6 inches of water over them.

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