Hold The Hate Mail

| January 4, 2010 @ 11:29 am | 31 Replies

I guess some radio boneheads got the ball rolling this morning, but my inbox is full of email with threats if we do any weather coverage during the BCS National Championship game. Some very personal, nasty threats.

There will be no maps, crawls, or cut-ins during the game. All of our coverage will be handled via our digital channels and the web. Hold the hate mail, please, and save your energy for something else more constructive.

And, for the radio guys who have been telling people we will break into the game Thursday night, that forecast is wrong!!!!!

We all need to take a deep breath and relax. God loves you and you are alive. Every day is a gift. Scroll down for Dr. Tim’s excellent post, and I will have the afternoon discussion and Weather Xtreme video posted by 2:30…

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