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| December 31, 2010 @ 6:18 pm | 9 Replies

We have received a number of questions this evening from people concerned as to when the Birmingham area will come “under the gun” for severe weather.

The more intense storms in Central Mississippi have curved more to the northeast in the last hour. If that holds up it would be several hours before Birmingham is directly affected. (4 hours or more …or say 10 pm till midnight) is an estimate) However, we must watch for new storms to develop closer to the Mississippi/Alabama or even in West Alabama.

One thing on our side is that the atmosphere is more stable here but that will b undergoing a change.The Storm Prediction Center is considering extending the Tornado Watch into West Tennessee instead of Alabama. I wish we could be more specific but this is our best estimate now:

* The main line of severe storms in Mississippi reaching West Alabama around 10 pm.
* New storms forming in West and SW Alabama arriving earlier. A storm is forming now near Livingston with lightning.

We will post frequent updates throughout the night.

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