Iron Bowl 2007 – Update

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First of all, scroll down to see Bill Murray’s excellent post on the 1983 Iron Bowl. I added a comment…I encourage you to do so also. Many of us remember the weather that day. I have attached some low-quality video captures from my VHS tape of that game.





A very tough forecast for the Alabama-Auburn game tonight. We saw indications in the models as early as a week ago that this game could be cold and rainy. We have a layer of cold air near the surface, and as a storm system approaches from the SW, warm, moist air from the Gulf will flow up and over that cool, dense air, creating clouds, then rain. But, the air is very dry over Alabama, so it will take some time for the air to moisten up and rain to fall. And, the computer models have not been agreeing with each other on the timing of the rain, so it’s hard to know for sure whether the rain will begin during the game or hold off until afterwards!

We still don’t know. Rain is developing on radar in east Texas and western Louisiana as of 230 am, with rain reaching the ground in parts of Louisiana. The clouds will move in today, and with the cool temps and east winds picking up, it will feel chilly at game time. The temp will probably be near 49, with winds east at 5 to 10 mph. Winds have already picked up…the temperature was in the 20s an hour or two ago, but the wind has mixed up the air and BHM is now at 34.

We’ll see just how fast the atmosphere can moisten and the rain reaches the surface. Even if it does, the rain in Auburn should be very light. Nothing like 1983, or even 2000. But, even a light drizzle can bring the temp down a few degrees in dry air! I’d take rain gear, and layered clothes.

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