WeatherBrains 306: Round and Round

| December 6, 2011 @ 1:50 am

WeatherBrains Episode 306 is now online (December 5, 2011). If you are crazy about weather, this is THE netcast audio program for you!

This episode of WeatherBrains features a roundtable with the regular cast of characters. The plan for the show was suggested by listener Doug Deliefde. He wanted to see a show-long roundtable discussion with the regulars talking about where to turn to and trust for severe weather information in this digital wireless age in which we live.

So we have no idea where the spinning table will take us!! I’m sure there will be detours and other side trips!

We do have a guest panelist, Michael Moss, a storm chaser in Indiana and a weather enthusiast.

Other discussions in this weekly podcast include topics like:

  • Extremes – long cold fronts this year
  • Some big rainfall amounts across the US
  • 32 below at West Yellowstone
  • 83 at Fort Myers and Sarasota, FL
  • No severe weather outlook
  • and more!
  • Our mail bag has been getting some attention and Kevin puts it in perspective.

    From The Weather Center:

    WeatherBrains 101: How about that Earth? This edition of 101 takes a look at what constitutes earth sciences. You probably already can guess that meteorology is one of those. But since there are four, what are the other three? Listen in to hear a tidbit about each one of them.

    TWIWH: Bill Murray looks back at the week of December 6th. And this week featured a horrendous weather disaster as a result of fog on I-75 northeast of Chattanooga, TN.

    Listener SurveyListener Surveys: Okay, we continue to drive this topic into the ground, but we really do like to hear from you. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the Listener Survey. The survey takes just a minute or two to complete and provides us with an opportunity to learn where you are and hear your thoughts and comments on the show. Click here to take the survey.

    Web Sites from Episode 306:

    WHNT-TV, home for Jason Simpson later this month

    Weather Radio app

    Weather Bug Elite


    Weather Call

    Sky Daver Fog Bank Blog

    Picks of the Week:

    JB Elliott – Name That Cloud Quiz

    Bill Murray – NWA 2011 Conference

    Brian Peters – Cloud Chart from NWS

    Kevin Selle – 1..The Apologies of Zuckerberg
    2..Weather Apps Looks into Future

    James Spann – Gets Fog Horn with no voice

    Michael Moss – Indiana Chaser Con

    The WeatherBrains crew includes your host, James Spann, plus other notable geeks like JB Elliott, Kevin Selle, Bill Murray, and Brian Peters. They bring together a wealth of weather knowledge and experience for another fascinating netcast about weather.

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    Brian Peters is one of the television meteorologists at ABC3340 in Birmingham and a retired NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist. He handles the weekend Weather Xtreme Videos and forecast discussion and is the Webmaster for the popular WeatherBrains podcast.

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