At The Midnight Hour

| May 8, 2008 @ 12:14 am | 2 Replies

Not much going on in Alabama. Dew Points are still relatively low but those will rise later today (Thursday) as warm moist air flows northward from the Gulf of Mexico.

It was still very mild at midnight. Little or no precipitation in progress except possibly some scattered light rain over the NW.

Off to the west of Alabama, a line of intense thunderstorms was across SE Arkansas and NW Louisiana. A Tornado Watch continues until 3 am, CDT for much of Arkansas and North Louisiana. Some of those intense thunderstorms may cross the Mighty Mississippi into Western Mississippi in the next few hours.

Almost all of Alabama is under a risk of severe weather later today (Thursday)

We will have frequent updates during the day. Also look for the morning video discussion from James around 6 am or so.

Time for some shuteye…

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