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Our Rough & Tumble Visit With Fay

| August 27, 2008 @ 5:17 am | 25 Replies

We won’t ever forget Fay. We will be referring to the ole girl years from now just like we often mention the by-gone-years with Camille, Opal, Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Danny (just to name a few) Fay never had the honor of becoming a hurricane but she might as well have. I always have these 4th grade questions such as:

1. Wonder how many gallons of fresh water fell on Alabama?
2. The total weight of the water?
3. How much will make it back to our dear friend, the Gulf of Mexico?
4. How much drained into lakes and will be there for a while?
5. How much soaked in and will eventually help the underground water table, wells, etc.?
6. How much will be diverted to city and town water systems and you will take a bath or brush your teeth or wash your car with it?

I know those are silly questions but they always pop up in my little mind. I have a very inquisitive mind. I always wanted to be a newspaper reporter. Enough of that. Back to the business at hand. This is a list of how much rain fell on our great state during her four-day visit. These reports from all sources. 33/40 Sky Watchers were a huge help, also reports from NWS official sites, TVA, Alabama Power Network and private individuals. Some of these totals do not include the rain that came yesterday (Tuesday) but most do. Here we go in no particular order:

10.54 Inches at Noccalula Falls
9.33 Meadow Brook
10.80 Hoover/Russett Woods
8.25 Altadena
8.73 Calera
8.80 Cahaba Heights
9.27 Scrougeout, brings the 2008 total to 42.93 (NE Etowah County)
7.97 Springville/Simmons Mountain
5.40 Alabaster near Thompson Road
5.14 Albertville
6.96 Hoover/Rocky Ridge
9.07 Greystone Cove (James Spann)
5.13 Crumly Chapel
5.67 Helena (Brian Peters)
5.25 Lynn (SW Winston County)
6.08 Arkadelphia
7.67 Roebuck, East Birmingham
9.00 Tri County where Blount/Jefferson/St. Clair meet
6.70 Clay off Deerfoot Parkway
5.07 Alabaster/Navajo Pines
3.14 Muscadine
9.02 Huffman (Bob Dietlein–enjoyed working with him 32 years at USWB/NWS)
7.86 Helena/Plantation South…thanks to Charles Ford
9.55 South Trussville
8.17 NE Trussville/Old Mill Run (Miss Molly lives there)
8.54 NE Trussville/Peppertree…thanks to Bob Alvis
6.80 Argo…thanks to Grady Vinson (in mt Sunday School Class)
4.75 Cottondale
4.82 Hayden
9.75 Helena/Old Cahaba
4.90 Pleasant Grove
3.41 Moundville
4.85 Ingramtown
2.30 Vinemont
5.73 Concord/Hueytown
4.54 South Hueytown
7.20 South Pinson/Carson-Red Hollow Road
4.77 Bear Creek/NE Marion County
6.05 Coker
9.15 Clay/Pinsion (Womack Road)
6.57 West Helena/Old Cahaba
7.50 Oxford
7.98 Coldwater
9.81 SW Lamar County
6.70 Clay/off Deerfoot parkway
6.62 Weaver, north of Anniston
7.10 Bessemer
4.31 Fayette
7.73 Clay/Old Springsville Road
6.08 Arkadelphia
10.01 Wetumpka
10.10 Lake Purdy (Three Cheers!)
9.95 Camden (Wilcox County)
15.57 6 miles east of Clayhatchee
12.74 Highland Home
11.62 Valley
8.14 Troy
7.24 Birmingham Airport
6.99 Anniston Airport

26.65 Melbourne

27.50 Thomasville
2.56 Atlanta/Peachtree City (home of NWS)

7.87 Ackerman

…woe is my little fingers, numb and 1/16th inch shorter
…Bound to be a few errors, duplications or unintentional omissions, I will check.

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