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You’re interested in the weather…

Your customers are interested in the weather…

Over 1.9 million people got their weather here in the past 12 months…

They viewed over 10.2 MILLION pages of the best weather content focused on Alabama…

From the most respected and revered meteorologist in the state and country.

That could be a Perfect Storm for your business or organization.

AlabamaWX is:

A trusted source
A highly ranked site
An engaged audience

Best of all, it’s the power of James Spann!


Intro | Desktop Ad Positions | Mobile Ad Positions | Rate Card

The AlabamaWX site recorded over 10.2 MILLION pageviews in the past 12 months from nearly 2 MILLION unique visitors. Leverage this vast audience for your product or service.

Here are the impressive statistics from Google Analytics:


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These are the various placement opportunities for your ad on the blog desktop site.


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The site adapts automatically on smartphones and tablets to display beautifully, giving your ad outstanding exposure. Here is the mobile site layout.


Let us create a bold way for you to get your message out to our engaged audience. To explore flexible sponsorship opportunities on the platform, contact Bill or Elle Murray at (205) 687-0782.

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Intro | Stats | Desktop Ad Positions | Mobile Ad Positions

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When you buy a position, your ad will be seen whenever the site is opened on desktop or mobile versions. This is an amazing reach into a highly engaged audience!