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Small Quake North of Birmingham

| 1:11 pm December 5, 2012

Late update… USGS has deleted this event after a review by a seismologist… Seems like it was related to mining.

Steve Jones… Our quake expert…

A small magnitude 2.5 earthquake was registered by the USGS earlier this morning at 16:01:05 UTC (10:01:05 am CST), in Alabama, east of the city of Jasper in extreme northern Jefferson County, at a location approximately 103 km (64 mi) from Huntsville. The quake focus was located at a depth of 1 km (0.6 mi). There have been no reports of damages or injuries from the quake.

In Huntsville, the initial P (pressure) seismic body wave arrival was seen approximately 20 seconds after the quake occurred, and the S (shear) body waves began to arrive at approximately +31 seconds. The slower-traveling surface waves began to arrive about 36 seconds after the quake occurred, peaking with a maximum vertical ground movement of approximately 651 nanometers (nm) seen at the AlabamaQuake seismic station.

The local seismogram and earthquake epicenter location map have been posted at the AlabamaQuake website ( on the “Huntsville Seismograms” and “Recent Earthquake Maps” pages, and have also been attached to this message.

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