January Almanac

Updated with 1981-2010 Climatological Norms

January ranks as the coldest month of the year as the mercury drops to 32F or below on average around 17 days in the month. The first month of the year also has been known to have some pretty warm days, with a record high of 81F set on January 10, 1949.

The coldest all-time reading in Birmingham is -6F on January 21, 1985.  It has been as warm as 81F on January 10th, in 1949.  The mercury drops to 32F or below on about 15 days in the month.

On average, Birmingham receives 4.84 inches of rain, making it the second wettest on average.  Only March is wetter.  Rain generally falls on 11 days in the month.  13.37 inches of rain fell in January 1937.

Thunder is generally heard on two days in the month and fog is experienced on one day on average in January.

Birmingham receives 1.6 inches of snow on average, with nearly one half (0.6 inches) falling in the first month of the year.  11.80 inches of snow fell in January 1936. An inch of snow or more falls generally every five years or so in Birmingham in January.

January is the cloudiest month of the year.  The sky is cloudy 48% of the time on average.  It’s also the foggiest month, with dense fog reported on 1.3 days on average during the month.