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Alabama NewsCenter — Recipe: Easy Pea Salad

| April 11, 2022 @ 10:00 am

By Stacey Little
Southern Bite

As a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of green peas. In fact, I pretty much hated them. I had a great aunt who would sometimes keep me and I remember her trying to force-feed me peas. And it seems like we had peas every time I was there.

Fortunately, as I’ve gotten older, my disdain for the veggie has shifted from hatred to quite a bit of fondness. Apparently, the 10,000 taste buds we have are replaced every few weeks and as we age the number of taste buds on our tongues decreases. So things that we disliked as kids taste different when we are adults.

Now, I’m still not a big fan of canned peas, but I’ll eat them. The ones I love the most are fresh or frozen peas that are just barely cooked or even raw. I think that’s why I love pea salad so much.

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