How Much Rain? — Not Enough

| October 13, 2010 @ 10:06 am | 6 Replies

I know this is overkill, but there have been so many concerns about increased dryness across Alabama lately, so here is a complete list of rain amounts for the last 24 hours. Some places got a good soaking, but a huge percentage of the state did not get enough to do any real good. For example, if your community only received 1/10 of an inch, it can be compared to getting only one sip of coffee in the morning. Here we go with a long list:

0.02 Springville
0.21 Coker
0.03 Bessemer
0.05 Birmingham/Airport (only 0.48 in the last 6 weeks)
0.02 Anniston Airport
0.12 West Trussville (near downtown)
0.38 NE Trussville (Molly’s house)
1.00+ Riverchase (at ABC 33/40)
0.04 Auburn
0.31 Shelby County Airport
0.03 Decatur
0.19 Dothan
Trace Evergreen
0.18 Huntsville
0.00 Mobile Regional Airport
0.50 Montgomery/Dannelly Field
0.02 Muscle Shoals
0.18 Troy
0.12 Tuscaloosa Airport
0.19 Pinson
0.37 Selma
0.26 Bankhead National Forest
0.70 Courtland
0.00 Guntersville, Crossville (Zero, Zip, None!)
0.10 Russellville
0.05 Scottsboro
0.01 Valley Head (Hardly enough to wet the street)
0.45 Clay/Pinson (Womack Road, also 10 minutes 1/4-inch hail
0.06 Jasper
0.05 Lafayette
0.37 Oak Mountain State Park
0.22 Sylacauga
0.37 Selma
0.31 Fayette
1.72 Helena
0.29 Leeds
0.53 Plantersville
0.18 Childersburg/Talladega
0.02 Horseshoe Bend
0.08 Wadley
0.37 Wilsonville
0.20 McCalla (wind gusts to 41 mph)
0.07 Harris Dam
0.12 Martin Dam
0.02 Neely-Henry Dam
0.28 Logan Martin Dam
0.45 Lay Dam
0.38 Mitchell Dam
0.50 Montgomery (at the Alabama River gauge)
0.37 Selma
0.99 R. F. Henry Lock & Dam
0.12 Ensley (at Village Creek and Avenue W)
0.13 Smith Dam
0.08 Bankhead Lock & Dam
0.09 Holt Lock & Dam
0.30 Selden Lock & Dam
0.62 Bevill Lock & Dam
0.58 Gainesville Lock & Dam
0.32 Demopolis Lock & Dam
0.84 Livingston
0.07 Addison
0.06 Alexander City
0.05 Camp Hill
0.75 Clanton

To break the monotony, see if you know the answer to this trivia question. What is the second longest river in the world?

End of Report. I am out of here. Poor little fingers of the M. O.


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  1. Oops….. make that the Amazon River! lol

  2. Greystone Farms says:

    Amazon for sure. But it probably carries 5x the amount of water the nile does!

  3. J. B. Elliott says:

    The Amazon is correct. But, as Greystone Farms pointed out, It transports many more times the volume of water to the ocean as compared to the Nile.

  4. Bill in Vigo says:

    Nice morning here in Vigo
    low 55
    rain trace (spots in the dust on the windshield)
    current tmep 80
    winds light from NE
    pressure 29.92

    have a good day everyone.

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