Dangerously high winds

| April 20, 2011 @ 10:47 pm | 8 Replies



The above radar pictures show a bow echo rotating around a mesoscale vortex.  This is producing winds at radar level (2,000 ft.) of near 75 mph along the Warrior River, so winds at the ground could be 50-60 mph.

Get ready for trees and power lines to go down.  People can be injured, especially in cars and mobile homes.


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  1. Cathy says:

    Why is Shelby county not getting a warning?

  2. crystal in Chelsea says:

    How do I pick out where the mesoscale vortex is in this graphic?

  3. concerned says:

    any idea when this will be over for Dora/sumtion area so i can go to bed?

  4. LJ says:

    so even in a stable built house it wouldn’t be a bad idea to seek shelter in the basement?

    We live in a heavily wooded area filled with pine trees, I’m thinking we’re going to head that way anyway, just to be safe.

  5. LBG says:

    I’m staying in my basement until it’s all over!

  6. kevin says:

    is it weakening some?

  7. akey3912 says:

    Tree and power lines down carbon hill. /nauvoo rd. We are blocked in both ways. Tree down on 5th. Street. Incarbon hill. No power in kansas,or carbon hill/ nauvoo.
    Scary stuff!

  8. Wayne In Georgia says:

    Dr. Tim, any chances this thing will hold together all the way to the ATL Metro area???

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