Tuscaloosa Suitcase Found in Jeff Co

| April 28, 2011 @ 2:58 pm | 14 Replies

Amazing story here… a suitcase (not a paper or book!) from Tuscaloosa was found by a family in the Virginia Mines community in western Jefferson County… the suitcase was aloft for almost 50 miles.

Suitcase found


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  1. Dave D. says:

    Just found a link on the web related to a gentleman carrying the same name. He was 62 and died ten days ago from unrelated causes. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tuscaloosa/obituary.aspx?n=william-carl-besant&pid=150408708&fhid=8345

  2. Dave D. says:

    Doh! Never mind. Different middle name.

  3. Cal Davis-KF4LAR says:

    According to that obituary, the suitcase belongs to the man’s father.

  4. My sister in Pinson reported finding prescription bottles and car titles from Tuscaloosa in her yard yesterday.

  5. William says:

    Someone in my office found a City of Tuscaloosa trash can in their yard in Crestline.

  6. Herbert says:

    That suitcase doesn’t look too bad. I’ve seen more damage from an airline baggage handler!

  7. Darrin Alcorn says:

    I work for this mans brother (Rick Besant) … he is very interested in recovering this item. If anyone has any information about who has this item, can you please email me ( darrin@msaroof.com ) … thank you very very much!

  8. Debbi Besant says:

    Amazing. That suitcase belongs to my father-in-law. Their house in Terriwood (Forest Lake) was destroyed and we are trying to salvage what we can from the site. Rick is his nephew and either of us would be elated to be able to return the suitcase to Bill. He and his wife have been through so much as of late, having lost one of their sons the week prior.

    Please contact me with any additional information at (dbesant@southlandbenefit.com). Thank you in advance from our family.

  9. Liza Walton says:

    The suitcase belongs to my husband’s grandfather. His son (my husband’s Uncle) passed away last week.

  10. Debbi Besant says:

    Hi, Liza, give B our love.
    I’m hoping the finder of this suitcase is checking back on this blog for the replies left here. The story continues to grow and spread throughout the community. In light of the tragedy that is unfolding each day as search and rescue continues, this was a much needed bit of awe and levity.

    WVUA in Tuscaloosa would like to do a story on the reunion of suitcase to owner. I urge you to contact a family member – there are only two other “Besant’s” in the phone book and we’re each related to the owner.

    Thank you.

  11. savannah says:

    funny so many people are claiming this here haha

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