Alabama Update at 12:45 pm

| September 2, 2008 @ 12:46 pm | Reply

Not much going on across Alabama early on this Tuesday afternoon. A few showers and thunderstorms still emerging out of the Gulf into Baldwin County and moving north.

To the west, radar loops show that Gustav was centered near Shreveport. Still a nice circulation and he continues to pull strong spiral bands northward from the Gulf Coast.

At 12:45, the strongest spiral band (and the longest) extended from the Central Lousiana Coast northward through West Mississippi. Another shorter band was over East Central Mississippi and moving north.

The NWS in Jackson continues a Tornado Warning until 1 pm for these locations in East Central Mississippi:

….NW Clark County
….NE Jasper County
….West Lauderdale County
….East Newton County

The suspected possible tornado was moving north rapidly at 34 mph.

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