WeatherBrains 62: “Hot Stuff”

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An all new episode of our weekly 30 minute netcast, WeatherBrains, is available
on the web and on iTunes…

In this week’s Episode:

– “Heatbursts” — Ted Ryan, Forecaster at the National Weather Service Office in Fort Worth,
TX, talks with Kevin Selle about a product of a thunderstorm that can sometimes be felt 100
miles away from the storm! Click here for some interesting slides from Ted’s recent workshop
presentation. And…can heatbursts really peel the paint from a house?;

-This Week In Weather History: Bill Murray remembers the “Super Tornado Outbreak” of 1974
and the WeatherBrains Crew shares some memories of an event they will never forget;

– ‘Tornado Alley’: Should we widen it, or leave it alone? And just where is it, anyway?
The WeatherBrains crew weighs in on why they don’t like using the term;

– “Wi-fi Woes Aloft” — Looking forward to wireless Internet access when you fly?
Don’t hold your breath. David Black talks with journalist Galen Gruman, who tells us why
efforts to bring Wi-fi to commercial airline flights has been a big flop;

Join Kevin Selle, J.B. Elliott, James Spann, Brian Peters and David Black…

We would like to hear from you! To leave a recorded message, call 1-888-247-8627
(toll-free). We may use your call during a future episode!

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