July 11, 1987 – Storm Collapses Tent At Circus Injuring 40

| July 11, 2017 @ 12:37 pm

Image of newspaper article about tent collapse.

It was approaching the 3 o’clock hour on a Saturday afternoon, and a crowd was attending a circus that has set up shop in the town of Howard, Wisconsin. The act featuring the lions had just completed and they were securely placed in their cages as the tightrope act was just starting in the main tent. At that moment, a very strong wind gust quickly forced the tent to collapse on top of the stunned crowd.

A estimated crowd of 1,200 were attending the circus at that time when the thunderstorm winds moved through the town. The tent started lifting off of the ground, causing the support poles to fall to the ground, and ultimately allowing the tent to collapse on top of the crowd and performers.

By the time all was said and done, 40 people were injured and sent to a couple local hospitals. Injuries were minor for nearly all of those, with only one requiring to stay overnight for a broken leg.

This storm was part of a system that affected parts of the Great Lakes states and the northern Plains. A total of seven tornadoes occurred, with three of those in the upper peninsula of Michigan. One of those tornadoes reach F3 strength and had a damage path 500 yards wide and approximately 71 miles long. No reported injures or deaths occurred with any of the twisters.

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