Tuscaloosa’s Rise Graduation Celebrates Community, Love Times Two

| November 14, 2017 @ 5:00 am

By Kim Eaton
University of Alabama

When Cathleen Hines gave birth to two beautiful baby girls, neither she nor her husband, Bo, truly grasped the challenges they would soon face.

Shortly after the girls were born, Cathleen and Bo learned both of their daughters have Down syndrome.

“It was just a complete shock to the system,” Cathleen Hines said. “It’s not something you expect, especially times two. We didn’t know what to expect having a child, period, much less two, much less two with special needs.” But what the young couple soon discovered was they were not alone. With the help of the Tuscaloosa community and the University of Alabama’s RISE Center, Sally Cate and Anne Rogers Hines have thrived.

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