Oxford Damage

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Thanks to a number of viewers for these images of damage in Oxford, which occurred around 5:15… seems like it was a small tornado based on reports from readers…

And… a couple of eyewitness reports:

“Jim Walter Homes 201 Hwy 78 E Oxford had the sign blew out – shingles off the roof of both buildings – both the front and back of the houses
We are 1 blk E of Hwy 78 and Hwy 21 (Quintard Mall intersection).

Power Lines down one block east of us on hwy 78 and the line was burning on the ground.

The rain and wind hit very fast w/o warning – and was coming across our parking lot horizonally – totally side ways.”

“I am interested to find out more info on a storm that came thru Oxford about 5pm. We had just went to Sunny King Toyota and picked up my husbands BRAND NEW SHINEY TUNDRA with all the bells & whistles. The clouds looked quite ominous on the ride home. We were stopped at a traffic light at 78 & Barry St and I was watching a particularly low deep gray cloud over I-20. No rain or lightning but some wind. When the light changed we drove about a half block when all of a sudden we could only see swirling debris & signs flying. We were pummeled by gravel or something similar. We could see nothing…. not even the road. Our windshield is cracked in about 6-7 spots and the entire truck has chunks out of the paint all the way down to the metal.
As heartbreaking as it is for my husband, I am thankful that we were safe. (though I felt far from it as the time)
Please let me know if you get any confirmations of what went thru.”

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