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These images are from Ron Jesser at Parker Towing Company (these are the people who let me ride one of their towboats in the fall). They are on the north side of the Warrior River in Northport, just off Rice Mine Rd. Note the wake behind the tires due to the fast flow of the river. Also, compared to the reference picture (when there was no flood), notice that you can only see the top 6 tires of the padding for the towboat (the line marks the water line today).




See post here from last night on rain event and statistics, including river flow rates, etc. One of the numbers in there is 2 trillion gallons, I think.

I have the smell of Warrior River mud on me, too. I went down to check on the Manatee and stuff at Bluff Creek this morning…some interesting pictures from there. I’ll post them later. Once a hole gets in your waders…

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