South Alabama Music Professor Hand Crafts 17th-century Replica Trumpet

| April 16, 2018 @ 5:00 am

By University of South Alabama

While on sabbatical in the fall of 2015, Dr. Peter Wood spent five solid days in Bloomington, Ind., hammering pieces of sheet metal.

And hammering. And hammering. And hammering.

As a result, Wood’s hand-crafted replica of a 17th-century natural trumpet now hangs on the wall of his University of South Alabama office, and the music professor, brass ensemble coach and renowned trumpeter marvels daily at the instrument’s simultaneous simplicity yet undeniable role in the development of the modern-day trumpet.“Having built and learned to play the natural trumpet over the course of this project has really opened my eyes to the value of such study, and now I am able to share many of those benefits with my students,” said Wood, adding, “It improves their physical coordination, broadens their horizons and gives them a greater understanding of what we do — and, perhaps more importantly, why we do what we do.”

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