Dry & Hot: The Daily Climate Report for Birmingham – June 24th, 2018

| June 25, 2018 @ 8:00 am

The heat is really starting to crank up as ridging takes over the weather pattern across the Deep South, and we started to see signs of that on Sunday. The afternoon high reached 92 degrees in Birmingham, which is hot on its own, but heat index values were well up into the upper 90s and creeping over into the lower 100s. The good news is that we were not close to the record high of 99 degrees set back in 1981. Unfortunately, Birmingham did not cool down all that much for the low, only making it down to 77 degrees. That was 23 degrees above the record low of 54 degrees set back in 1972.

Our recorded temperatures for yesterday were well above the normal temperatures for late June in Birmingham. For the month, we are running 2.1 degrees above average as our month-to-date average is 79.2 degrees, while the normal average is 77.1 degrees.

No rain fell at the Birmingham International Airport on Sunday which keeps our month-to-date rainfall total at 4.79 inches, which is still 1.35 inches above normal for the month at this time. So far for the year, Birmingham has received 33.64 inches of rain, 6.23 inches above normal.

For the week ahead, we can expect hot and humid conditions with very hot heat index values. While expected rainfall totals for the next 5 days will generally be low, if you are caught under a heavy thunderstorm, you could receive a good bit of rain in a short amount of time.

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