Chocolate-Covered Cookie Butter Cookies

| December 4, 2018 @ 5:00 am

By Stacey Little, Southern Bite

Jack and I spent a recent evening ringing the bell for the Salvation Army outside Walmart. It wasn’t planned. The opportunity just came up when a friend who was coordinating a day had a slot open up. But it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done this holiday season. Maybe all year.

It was odd, though. We seemed to encounter two types of people: those who were gracious and delighted to give, and others who looked at us like we were the ones begging for money. But that doesn’t really matter. What does matter are the kind interactions we shared with folks. One woman pulled Jack to the side and said, “Son, you might not understand it now, but you are so very fortunate to have parents that get you to help out like this. You’ll never truly know how much it means.” I swelled with pride. But it was a simple interaction between a father and son that stuck with me. A young father handed a few folded dollar bills to his son and told him to put them in the kettle as they walked by. The boy did as he was told, but asked his father, “But why?” His father looked at him and said, “Because it makes a difference.”

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