Criminals Get Creative When Swindling Elderly Out Of Their Money

| March 14, 2019 @ 5:00 am

By Veleka Finch

Scenario 1: An elderly bank customer receives a call from someone posing as his son-in-law. The caller says he’s in jail and needs help. He tells the elderly man someone will pick him up at his home and take him to a bank branch so the man can withdraw money to help with the supposed bail his son-in-law needs.

Scenario 2: Another elderly person gets a call from a supposed relative who is stranded in Jamaica. The caller urges the elderly person to head to a bank branch to wire money from her account to help her “relative” come back home.

Scenario 3: An elderly person is checked out of an assisted-living center. He seems confused. There’s a group of people who may be convincing him that they’re working to take care of him. But they’re using him to drain his bank accounts.

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