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**No Weather Xtreme video this afternoon… been in a series of meetings and just getting into the weather office**

I am going to post J.B.’s afternoon discussion here from the 7 day planner page to save time… will have the next Weather Xtreme video here by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow!

THE ALABAMA STORY: It does not feel like it, but we had a weak front pushing from NE toward the SW across Alabama this afternoon. You will not really notice it except our dew point should drop some Wednesday and will not feel quite so awfully humid. The heat may back off just a bit over the next few days. Even so, the stubborn thermometer will insist on reaching the low to mid 90s in the afternoon.

With this type of weather pattern, we are going to see at least a few thunderstorms pop up every day, mainly during the afternoon. Those storms will probably be moving from north to south. These often produce a lot of lightning
The Storm Prediction Center does not have any part of Alabama under even a slight risk of severe weather today or tomorrow. However, we should explain that in the heat of the afternoon we can always have a few thunderstorms that briefly become severe. The Storm Prediction Center does not usually issue a slight risk for those type storms.

The temperature reached 100 in Mobile yesterday afternoon. By early this afternoon, the temperature had reached 101 at the Jack Edwards Airport in Gulf Shores right along the beach.

TUSCALOOSA: Today is the ninth day in a row that the Tuscaloosa temperature has reached 93 or higher. In the last 23 days counting today, 15 days have reached the 90s. In Montgomery, 17 days out of the last 23 had 90s. There has been no measurable rain in Tuscaloosa for the last 9 days.

SEVERE WEATHER: SPC has a Slight Risk this afternoon and tonight in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and the Dakotas and also the western part of the Florida Peninsula. Tomorrow, only Nebraska and Iowa are included in the Slight Risk.

TROPICAL WEATHER: That weak low-pressure area persists over the SW Gulf of Mexico, which should move slowly NW without significant development. Over on the other side of Mexico, Tropical Storm Andres was near the west coast of Mexico with winds almost hurricane force. It will gradually curve more NW passing very near the south tip of Baja, California before heading out to sea.

GLOBAL ROAMING: Houston has received no measurable rain this month. They are very hot and dry. 24 degrees—a hard freeze—was the coldest in the lower 48 this morning at Stanley, Idaho. 94 was the high in Minneapolis yesterday as the heat begins to spread further north. Oklahoma City was forecasting 100 for this afternoon and again tomorrow with similar numbers for Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin. Chicago should have 93 tomorrow, as the Windy City finally heats up.

MY TINY CORNER OF THE WORLD: This is unheard of, but my Little Miss Molly slept over 10 hours last night. She was so tired and a bit nervous trying to avoid all the noise and the little babies here this week. I did not get a chance to have a ballgame with her for the last two days. On my way to the kitchen this morning to get my fourth cup of coffee, she gently kicked one of her balls in front of me, but I did not have time to stop. Life goes on….

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