Mid-day Spot Reports

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All locations report mostly sunny weather
95 Anniston, Birmingham, Alexander City, Mobile
96 Montgomery/Dannelly Field
98 Evergreen, heat index 103
97 Maxwell AFB, heat index 103

Washington… 85 cloudy, wind only 5 mph
Richmond…83, wind calm
Norfolk Naval Base…87, wind NE 12
Cape Hatteras…cloudy, SE 14 mph
Wilmington…light rain, NE gusts 36
Philadelphis…83 sunny, light wind
Charlotte…partly sunny, 6 mph
Southport, N.C.,…heavy rain, gusts 32
Charleston…heavy rain, wind NE, gusts 36
Frying Pan Shoals…wind east 38, gusts 47, 17 foot waves
Buoy 41 miles SE of Charleston…83 water temperature, wind NNE 49, gusts 60, 22 foot waves
Waterfront Park, Charleston…wind north gusts 44
Savannah…cloudy, wind north, gusts 31
Buoy No. 4104,,,water temperature 83, wind north 54, gusts 60 mph
Key West, mostly sunny, west 20 mph

…Long lines at gas stations in NYC with people trying to fill their tanks…tempers flaring in some areas.

…I posted some places in this list to show that nothing unusual was going on so far but we all know that will change

…One of our guidance products called QPF (estimated rain totals) shows a storm total of as much as 14.80 inches at Wilmington, 10.40 Washington-Baltimore, 8.40 NYC. This of course is a weather model and must be taken with a grain of something.

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