West Alabama Tornado Damage

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Thanks to Estelle Jones Barger for these images… she writes:

“These are pictures made at ElBethel Buncomb Methodist Church Cemetery, half of which
is located in Fayette Co and half in Tuscaloosa Co. It is located on the Morman Road.

The storm went in through the front gate, ripping it from its moorings and crumpling up the
name of the cemetery. The chainlink fence looks as if it were pushed in by a large machine.

Of the many, many overturned stones, one two-ton stone was lifted and layed over about four feet from its base. Two stones were layed over, side by side, one facing east and the other facing west. A few old obelisk markers were toppled into pieces. Other old stones were snapped in two. The north and south ends of the cemetery looked as if nothing had ever been touched in the graveyard!!”

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