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Damage Photos from Hardin County, TN

| February 8, 2008 @ 9:13 pm | 1 Reply

Here are photos from my trip to Hardin County, Tennessee. The area where these photos were taken is just north of Savannah, TN, in the area referred to as Cravens. The first nine photos were taken at Sharon Baptist Church and School. Most of the rest of the pictures were taken near the Tennessee River west of Cravens Road.

The tornado was rated an EF4, and it is my understanding that three deaths occurred in this tornado which traveled approximately 15 miles along the ground. Additional information on the tornadoes within the county warning area of WFO Memphis can be found here. Remember that the pictures here were in the area where the damage was believed to be the worst.

The pictures just do not tell the whole story. And there is a story with every single picture. The past couple of days have been tremendously busy having surveyed three EF4 tornadoes and driven over 700 miles. I’ve got to try to figure a way to capture and convey some of what I’ve seen in these three events. As I said on the 5 o’clock news, after 40 years in weather and having surveyed hundreds of tornadoes, I saw things that I’ve never seen before.


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