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Weather Watcher James Payton from Huntsville sent in this special Weather by the Numbers tonight after spending a couple of days at the Southeast Severe Storms Symposium at Mississippi State this weekend…thanks James!

Hey Bill!!!

Since Mike did an incredible job of the notes at the symposium I thought I would combine his & mine & do a J.B. Elliott “weather by the numbers” post-symposium edition…

123 is the numbers of miles the longest tornado track in Arkansas was on Super Tuesday. It was a new all-time state record.

82 was the total tornado count for Tuesday into Wednesday of that outbreak

15 is the number of minutes the NWS office in Memphis was evacuated during the Memphis tornadoes. Nashville took over responsibility during that time

100 is the percentage of times UAH ARMOR doppler has verified severe hail correctly

13 was the number of years the NWS Huntsville county warning area went without an EF-4 tornado until the super Tuesday outbreak (1995 Anderson Hills tornado near Huntsville)

7 was the number of times the name James Spann was brought up during the symposium during both days. The name was implied one other time

70 was the temperature at Midnight in Huntsville on the morning of Feburary 6th…a new record high for the date & it was set at Midnight…two and a half hours before the Lawrence County tornado struck

2500 is the approximate weight of a bale of hay. They were lifted like toys in the Jackson County EF-4 tornado

775 is the number of tornado warnings that did not verify in the state of Alabama between 1986-2006

84 is the percentage of false alarms for tornado warnings from the 775 false warnings. That means about 5 out of 6 tornado warnings in that time span did not verify.

80 percent is the national average of false tornado warnings…or about 4 out of every 5

14 is the number of fatalities in the Memphis NWS county warning area from last year’s heat wave

31 is the number of days IN A ROW Jackson, Tennessee broke 95 degrees last summer

50 is the percent of EF-2 or stronger tornadoes that occur between November 1-Feburary 28 in the southeastern US

?? was the total number of doughnuts Mike Wilhelm & I ate during the symposium (some things are better left uncounted)

11 is the number of dollars the buffet at Pap’s Place runs

1 is the number of years before I go back to the symposium

Take care Bill!!!
James Payton

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