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An Interesting Day In The Office

| January 19, 2007 @ 9:09 pm | 201 Replies

It was 24 hours ago that the Drudge Report linked to our blog; specifically the piece I wrote about “The Weather Channel Mess”. A few notes about the day:

*I apologize to our regular readers for the morning weather discussion and Weather Xtreme video being posted so late. I had them ready on time, but due to all the traffic from the Drudge Report link, our site simply could not handle it all. We were down for part of the morning; blog and all. We are in a very interesting weather pattern, and lots of folks were not happy we weren’t there this morning when they woke up. I am so sorry.

*I have over 1,000 e-mails in the inbox; these are thoughs on the blog post. I was shocked; about 8 in 10 have been very positive and supportive. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write; even those who disagree. The e-mails came from far and wide, including a number of foreign countries. Of course, under the post itself there are about 400 comments there for the world to read. I only deleted the ones that contained profanity or severe personal attacks.

*Thanks to ABC 33/40 for allowing me to be interviewed by Tracy Haynes on our 11:00 news this morning; he is a seasoned professional and his questions were excellent. And, thanks to my pals Rick and Bubba as always for allowing some time to discuss the issue on the show the last two mornings. You can watch the Spann/Haynes exchange on the ABC 33/40 site here, just look under “news video” on the right side.

*I am scheduled to be on the Glenn Beck TV show on CNN, and the Hannity and Colmes show on FNC Monday night to discuss the issue. With breaking news and such, you never know if you wind up on the air, but that is the plan for now. I thank these folks for the nation platform for this voice to be heard.

*We will dedicate the next WeatherBrains podcast to this issue; we will record it Monday evening and post it to iTunes early Tuesday morning of next week. I am hopeful someone that is a big believer in man-made global warming can join us, or someone who believes that anyone who disagrees with man-made global warming should have their AMS CBM taken away. We like to present both sides. If you have never listened to that show, you can bookmark the site here so you can listen on your computer, or simply search for “WeatherBrains” in iTunes.

*Rest assured this blog won’t turn into a constant “global warming” commentary. Nothing will change… same writers, same material you have seen in blog form since November 2004. We actually started writing these kind of posts before the term “blog” was invented… the old “WeatherTalk” articles were first published when ABC 33/40 went on the air in 1996. Long time readers know who we are and what we do.

*Thanks to Brian Peters for covering the afternoon blog post and discussion for me today; that allowed me some extra time to speak with newspaper reporters and other members of the media.

We get back to normal (I hope!) this weekend… Brian will have the Weather Xtreme videos here this weekend, and my next Weather Xtreme video will be posted Monday morning by 7:00 a.m. Have a wonderful weekend.

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