Snow Over A Tornado Path

| January 18, 2013 @ 4:05 pm

Wow…. I received over 3,000 pictures over the past 36 hours. Thanks to all who took the time to send them to us. They are always helpful in real time, and I enjoy seeing all of them in days after any winter weather event.

I thought this note from Beth Alexander was worth “printing” here. We must remember, even through our generational tornado outbreak was almost two years ago, the wounds are still fresh. The snow covered up some of those wounds in a beautiful way.


I live in Pleasant Grove, just a few houses from the path of the tornado, the front part of my subdivision was wiped away that day so I drive thru the direct path any time I go anywhere. Because of the size of the storm I drive about 1 1/2 miles across the path. It’s a constant reminder of that day. I’ve noticed that as I drive home in the evenings (before the time change) I see the most beautiful sunsets now that all the trees and so many houses are gone, I try to find something good about the changes to my community without taking away from the family’s that were devastated that day.

I know you were heartbroken after so many lost their lives across our state that day so I wanted to let you see the photos I took this morning so you could see how pretty PG looked after the snow yesterday. In the past you couldn’t see the snow covered roof tops & if you look past the broken trees and stuff like that it looked so beautiful this morning as I drove to work. Each time I stopped at a stop sign or traffic light I couldn’t resist snapping a photo and thought about sharing them with you because you guys work so hard to protect us in bad weather. I thought you would enjoy seeing how pretty the community looks today, I figured this would be a much better memory for you to have.”




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