Pleasant temperatures, drought going away

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After lows Monday morning near 50, it’s another chilly morning across Alabama. Temperatures at 2 am were mainly in the upper 40s to mid 50s, with Hartselle already reporting 44 degrees. It was in the 40s as far south as Evergreen. The average date for the last temperature in the 40s each year in BHM is May 15, so this is not unusual.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve had to deal with the severe weather that has accompanied some of our rainy days, but the drought continues to retreat, and is mainly now only a groundwater problem, below the soil. We still need rain to continue to be near normal for several more months before the drought will officially go away. But, it’s looking a lot better than it did last year at this time.

Rainfall so far this year at Birmingham airport is 22.35″. That is slightly above normal, and way above what we had last year at this time, only 9.68″. Anniston and Tuscaloosa are still slightly below normal on rain for the year, but way above last year.

The area lakes and rivers are about normal now. Some area lake levels as of early this morning, and the normal lake levels for mid-May:

Weiss 563.8/563.7
Logan Martin 464.8/464.4
Smith 509.9/510.0
Bankhead 254.9/254.6
Martin 489.4/489.1

Another 1-2″ of rain is expected later this week, and every inch helps lessen the chance of another serious drought this summer.

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