Twenty Years Ago Today…

| March 12, 2013 @ 5:41 am

Alabama’s greatest snow storm on record… the Blizzard of 1993 started. From Friday afternoon, March 12, 1993, through Saturday morning, March 13, the snow came down in a remarkable way. Winds gusted to hurricane force on ridge tops, and convective snow was widespread complete with thunder and lightning.

Birmingham’s official total was 13 inches, but some spots had almost two feet across North Alabama. Power was out for many days for some, and travel was nearly impossible with snow drifts you would expect to see in Buffalo or Chicago.




Below are pictures you submitted to us in recent days… keep in mind digital photography was very rare in 1993; these are mostly scanned prints. But, they tell the story very well.

You can see all of these images on our Flickr feed here.

And, thanks to Mike Wilhelm for posting video coverage of the event… Kevin Collins (who decided to use his real name later in his career, Kevin Selle) was working that famous hat in the middle of the storm. Dan Satterfield was also with me at the time… that was a great weather team.

So… what are your memories????


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