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Well, well, I am finally getting around to starting this little project that I had promised months and months ago. Bill Murray has been after me lately to get it underway. This feature will not be every day and I promise to not post it when we have busy weather days and I will also not post if we have any type of severe weather.

However, the items I post about here will be some of the stories that I had already planned to include in my weather book (if I ever write it) about my experiences in 32 years of weather in the U.S.W.B. and National Weather Service–all in the Birmingham office. The first one this morning is just a couple of items:

* Have you ever seen such a mixed up winter and spring? Next time you hear us discuss (cold core upper low) run and hide because forecasting those is almost impossible. There were widespread missed forecasts about the last one from all parts of the country.

* The winter has been so severe across the Plains and Midwest and Canada that the ice build up got so thick on part of Lake Superior and a southern Canadian lake that the ice decided to move. It pressed southward and virtually destroyed a number of homes in Southern Canada and Northern Minnesota.

* A number of homes have been destroyed in the Los Angeles area when the homes just decided to sink. It was not an earthquake but apparently the excessive rain over several months softened the ground enough.

* Numerous cities are reporting excessive rain amounts this winter and spring, including most of Alabama.

* Looking at the fresh weather maps more adverse weather is in store for the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and New England.

NOTE:  This is just a few items to get me started. These will not be in my book, but future posts will be about some of the very strange happenings that I witnessed in 32 years,  including writing severe weather warnings with no radar and getting chewed out because I did warn during a super outbreak of tornadoes. Life goes on and I can take the good criticism and the bad. Some of that in those 32 years was unbelievable. Let me know if you think you will like this new feature because I can bail out at a moment’s notice.

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