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| June 11, 2013 @ 10:24 am

This is another feature I love to do. I hope I am not being overbearing. As I mentioned several weeks ago, I absolutely will not post these when there is heavy weather traffic on this Blog. After all, that is what the ABC 33/40 Weather Blog is all about–to keep everyone posted about changing weather and dangerous weather. But on this clear calm morning, here are a few numbers to throw at you:

* 7.87 inches is how much rain has inundated New York City so far this month. More heavy rain is forecast in a broad area from Michigan to Virginia tomorrow.

* 35.49 inches is how much rain Anniston has received so far this year. That is almost one foot above average. Last year at this time they had received only 18.91.

* 22.84 inches of rain is how much Auburn has received so far this year–almost double the average amount.

* 114 was the hottest temperature in the country yesterday at Bullhead City, Arizona. 34 was the coldest in the country this morning at both Meacham and Redmond, Oregon.

* 1 strong tornado struck in Logan County, Kentucky late yesterday.

* 1,000’s of acres is how much the extreme drought has played havoc with  in the Plains States so far this year.

* Goes 13 is the number of one of our vital satellites we use in our weather forecasting. It will be put back in service Saturday after being disabled back on May 22 by something (I don’t know what that was).

* 112 is the expected high temperature in Phoenix today. It is Arizona’s largest city and it really cooks during summertime.  They expect a high of 110 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Of course, the humidity is almost non-existent. My wife was raised in Phoenix and I can remember crawling out of my sleeping bag at daybreak on some summer mornings and feel completely comfortable.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy this feature. I’ve got many, many stories to tell but I will stretch them out over a 12 to 18 month time frame. Eventually, I hope most of them will show up in my weather book, “Scattered Brains and Scattered Showers.” Sometimes I think my little weather brain is already badly scattered. I have only had one cup of warm coffee this morning, so I have got to scram.

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